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Posix mentor, Posix expert, Posix code help
$15.00 /15min
Message Michael
Michael Safyan 5.0
Picked badge
Senior Software Engineer at Google
Senior Software Engineer at Google Inc. in Search working on the backend serving infrastructure for Knowledge Graph, a massive database of millions of real-world things and billions of connections...
* Available for freelance projects
Posix mentor, Posix expert, Posix code help
$20.00 /15min
Message Yuval
Yuval Kogman 5.0
Polyglot developer with an obsession for modularity
I'm a self taught developer, and ever since my first job, given enough time at a workplace I've always become the guy who people go to when they're stuck, and I've enjoyed doing the same on various...
* Available for freelance projects
Posix mentor, Posix expert, Posix code help
$30.00 /15min
Message Goran
Goran Rakic 5.0
Senior software developer
Senior PHP/Hack developer having a technical leadership in programming for the Web environment. Skillful at JavaScript, HTML5 APIs and CSS. Building rich Python web apps (Flask and Django) and...
* Available for freelance projects
Posix mentor, Posix expert, Posix code help
$20.00 /15min
Message Shubham
Shubham Dokania 5.0
Data Scientist and Backend developer
I am Shubham Dokania, Co-founder, Greplr, A hyperlocal suggestions and search based aggregator app based on Indian market. I have experience in handling servers and creating scalabe backends. I am...
* Available for freelance projects
Posix mentor, Posix expert, Posix code help
$15.00 /15min
Message Josiah
Full Stack Developer
My name is Josiah and I have been a full stack web developer at my job in Indiana for 2.5 years. During that time I have used backend technologies such as PHP, Node.js, Python and minimal C#. As...
Bijou Trouvaille
Creative code is about collaboration. Let Bijou help you build your beautiful scripts.
It takes a balance many skills to build a technology for a startup. I have created many small and several large products, including REST API's, web apps and mobile apps. I have come to realize that...
* Available for freelance projects
Posix mentor, Posix expert, Posix code help
$10.00 /15min
Message Phil
Hi there. My name is Phil, and I'm a full stack web developer based out of Houston, Texas. I build everything from microservices and APIs to user-facing web applications from the ground up. I love...
* Available for freelance projects
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* Available for freelance projects

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Tommaso Capelli

"Vitor was very helpful and helped me to identify the problem in my code. I learnt what I was doing wrong and with the help of Vitor and then I was able to fix it on my own. He's very kind and polite. I suggest him!"

5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Natalia Beneitez

"From the moment we first talked I could already tell Yuval was going to be a great tutor. Not only because of his obvious expertise and knowledge on the field, but also because of his genuine desire to teach and help you understand. He will go the extra mile to try and make you see how things work. Definitely feel like I invested my money well on this tutoring session. I totally recommend."

5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Kumar V S

"Very Helpful,flexible, knows what he's doing, knowledgeable, moreover didn't slap me for just showing the very naive code."

5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"One of the best Comp Sci teachers/tutors I have met. Tailors the course for your issue and stops at nothing to leave you satisfied with the answer. Would highly recommend."

5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Hermann C

"Yuval is a superb mentor, a true Perl guru, and a really nice guy too. He has made a huge impact already, and I'm looking forward to working with him in the future. I'm beyond happy to have run into him! Also, a tip of the hat to CodeMentor... what a fabulous idea and service!"

5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Yuval is one of the best mentors I had, he went over the whole code with me and described each part step by step. He is very patient, skilled, and knows what he is doing. I would definitely recommend him to anyone."

5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


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