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Hbase mentor, Hbase expert, Hbase code help
$25.00 /15min
Message Dmitry
Dmitry 5.0
have big experience with chef, puppet and ruby
* Available for freelance projects
Alessandro Binhara 5.0
Data Scientis and Mobile Expert na Azuris Mobile & Cloud Experts
Master of Technology (UTFPR) Bachelor in Data Processing Electronics Technician Developer for over 20 years .... Mono Hacker since 2003 Fluent languages​​: C#, Java, PHP, Specialties:...
* Available for freelance projects
Hbase mentor, Hbase expert, Hbase code help
$15.00 /15min
Message Olajide
Olajide Michael 5.0
A Passionate Geek.
I have 4+ years of professional Software Development. I am a team player with a passion for innovation, disruptive technology and always welcome constant change.
* Available for freelance projects
Hbase mentor, Hbase expert, Hbase code help
$20.00 /15min
Message Nicola
Nicola Ferraro
Big Data Solution Architect / Team Leader at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Spa
I'm a senior developer and a technology enthusiast.
Hbase mentor, Hbase expert, Hbase code help
$18.00 /15min
Message Tom
Tom Ron
Freelance data scientist
More than 3 years experience as Data Scientist including strong foundation with python,big data, hadoop, aws, natural language processing and visualization tools. More than 5 years experience as...
* Available for freelance projects
Thomas Triplet
Senior Data Scientist and Researcher - PhD
I believe that big-data can be tremendously useful in a variety of domains such as finance, smart cities, healthcare and personalized medicine, etc... With big-data and machine learning as my...
* Available for freelance projects
Huangmao(Homer) Quan
Software Architect at WlSE Systems (Techstars mobility 15)
• An engineer who crafts innovative technologies in multidisciplines (data, channel, presentation, and people) to define, design, develop and deliver quality software systems • A long-term...
Hbase mentor, Hbase expert, Hbase code help
$15.00 /15min
Message Riccardo
Riccardo Pelliccioli
IT Architect
Solid background in the Information and Communication Technology field; experience acquired with top market Italian and European players (Telco and Enterprise Market). Specific competence on...
Hbase mentor, Hbase expert, Hbase code help
$10.00 /15min
Message Álvaro
Software Engineer, focused in Big Data
Software Engineer with more than 10 years working in multiple areas. Now focused in Big Data.
* Available for freelance projects
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* Available for freelance projects

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Wayne Adams

"Evan is definitely a developer's developer. He deep dives into an issue and can explain all the layers, pros, and cons. He's also a great communicator. For a newbie like me, I had no trouble understanding his logic and references."

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