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Matrix mentor, Matrix expert, Matrix code help
$30.00 /15min
Message Steve
Steve Purves 5.0
C++, Matlab, Javascript, number crunching, visualisation & scientific apps. 15+ yrs. TDD/BDD
Scientific software developer (image processing, data analysis, machine learning & visualisation) and computing using C++, matlab, javascript & web apps. I've been developing working...
* Available for freelance projects
Matrix mentor, Matrix expert, Matrix code help
$20.00 /15min
Message Sartaj
Sartaj Singh 4.9
Python.Open Source.Mathematics.
I am a developer with the SymPy project. I have been involved with the project for over an year. My nights are usually spent coding in python. I also worked on a Google Summer of Code project with...
* Available for freelance projects
Matrix mentor, Matrix expert, Matrix code help
$30.00 /15min
Message Joseph
Joseph Abrahamson
Functional programmer, data scientist, biomedical engineer, startup CTO in clinical research technology
Hi, I'm an engineer with programming experience in many languages and domains ranging from scientific programming, data science/machine learning/statistics, scientific computing, and web...
Matrix mentor, Matrix expert, Matrix code help
$30.00 /15min
Message James
James Womack
Passionate Node.js, React & iOS architect at Netflix. Love design. music & code.
Primary areas of expertise * The internals of Objective-C + Swift and best practices of iOS & OS X dev. I've been publishing apps for companies such as Sony & Netflix since 2008 * Developing and...
* Available for freelance projects
Matrix mentor, Matrix expert, Matrix code help
$10.00 /15min
Message Mohammad
Mohammad Ali Aljobairi
Chief Technology Officer at pcnetsoft
CTO of pcnetsoft (startup company), and I'm a Senior android consultant at Solid Soft, also Founder of Droid Bootcamp programs for training and consulting.
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* Available for freelance projects

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Christopher Jacobs

"Avinash really understands code and is great at grasping a user's requirements and debugging any problems they might have."

5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Steve was very helpful for my bespoke issue. He understood my problem very quickly and had very sound advice which will be implemented immediately. Definitely recommend."

5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Max Epstein

"I had a pretty specific technical question about whether my code to predict two different but related things could be fit in an sklearn 'pipeline' object or not. Sartaj looked at my data, processed my problem mentally very quickly, and discussed sklearn pipelines with me. He helped me understand that I needed two separate pipelines. Now I have a way around where I was stuck."

5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


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