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Ed Mays 5.0
Smart. Moves at Your Pace. Helps You Get Things Done.
I am an experienced, committed software engineer who continually seeks clean, elegant solutions to business challenges. My lifelong passion for technology drives me to proactively expand my...
* Available for freelance projects
Ray Phan 5.0
Picked badge
PhD, former university instructor and software engineer with 20 years of software development experience in MATLAB, Python, Java, C, and C++. Image Processing and Machine Learning are part of my all-balanced diet. Students get a 33% discount!
*** Please note that if your language doesn't appear in my tags in my headline above, I probably don't know it! *** - Ph.D. (2013) - Electrical & Computer Engineering, Ryerson University, Toronto,...
* Available for freelance projects
Matteo Greco 5.0
Expert HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP and Wordpress teacher and developer
Hi there! My name is Matteo and I have spent the better part of the last decade as a front-end web developer for web agencies. I am expert in the use of HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP and SQL...
* Available for freelance projects
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$20.00 /15min
Message Pranav
Pranav Gulati 5.0
Embedded systems Developer, Co-Founder at S.T.R.I.De
Passionate developer and an Innovator.I strive to find simple solutions to complex problems and love to write low level firmware in C/C++ and enjoy image processing in OpenCV
* Available for freelance projects
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$25.00 /15min
Message Bo
Bo Milanovich 5.0
A fun, full stack web developer - get your website out there
A full stack web developer with a completely modern approach. Let's build an API server (using Python or C#) together to handle the data and let the frontend (Angular, Backbone, Vue) take care of...
* Available for freelance projects
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$15.00 /15min
Message Shane
Shane Keller 5.0
Get Hack Reactor interview prep! Full stack software engineer at Fitbit. Ex-Khan Academy intern. Hack Reactor graduate.
I love to code and solve challenging problems. Before I became a software engineer, I had my own tutoring business and tutored for hundreds of hours. I'm a great resource for both intro to...
Get mentor, Get expert, Get code help
$30.00 /15min
Message Pawel
Pawel 5.0
Get your JavaScript, front-end or PHP problem solved in 30 mins!
JavaScript and front-end developer contracting with top digital agencies in London. If you need help with object-oriented JavaScript, design patterns, custom jQuery plugins, RESTful APIs...
* Available for freelance projects
Allen Romero
Python / Django / HTML & iOS Development - Get It Done!
Full stack developer with 15+ years experience including 6 years at Google. I'll easily help you work through your problems in django/python or help you break through your coding walls. My...
* Available for freelance projects
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$40.00 /15min
Message Dave
Dave Marshall
I can help your team get started with automated testing
I'm an experienced software developer with over 13 years in the industry , working for large and small companies in the private sector. I can bring this experience to your team and help you achieve...
* Available for freelance projects
Get mentor, Get expert, Get code help
$20.00 /15min
Message Joe
Joe Fiorini
Front-end coding expert, I want to help you get over the browser app learning curve, or just help troubleshoot a framework issue.
I’m an expert in all things front-end. I have built products in Angular, Ember and React and have used many of the node-based build tools for front-end development. I also have experience with Less...
Get mentor, Get expert, Get code help
$0.00 /15min
Message Brendan
Brendan Lee
iOS Developer with over 40 apps in 5.5 years. Get some help for free.
I began writing iOS apps professionally in the late days of iOS 2. Since then I've helped to bring over 40 high-quality apps to the App Store for clients in a wide range of industries. I specialize...
Get mentor, Get expert, Get code help
$9.00 /15min
Message Michael
Michael Durrant
Hi ! I've taught rails through workshops and at several jobs. I've helped many folks new to Rails get over initial hurdles. I'm friendly and really enjoy helping others grew in their knowledge. I can translate new concepts for folks learning Rails.
Rails Developer, Testing Devotee and Selenium Fan . Stack Overflow Contributor, over 900+ answers helping out others! - http://stackoverflow.com/users/631619/michael-durrant You can see my tech...
Ramon Moraes
Full Stack Web Developer at Integritas Solutions, Inc.
Full Stack Developer making their way through the world. Currently working on Integritas Solutions (http://integritas.net) and sometimes doing freelancer on small projects :)
* Available for freelance projects
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$25.00 /15min
Message Blaze
Blaze Tustanowski
Senior Software Engineer at Marks and Spencer
A senior web engineer with a passion for architecture and Agile methodologies. Fast thinker and learner with deep understanding of both front- and back-end of web based systems. Strong sense of...
* Available for freelance projects
Get mentor, Get expert, Get code help
$40.00 /15min
Message Marcell
Marcell Ortutay
Software Engineer at Google
I worked as Google as a software engineer, and before that I worked as a full-stack software engineer at Topix. I'm now a startup founder doing web development, and I'm happy to help people out...
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* Available for freelance projects

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Tiffany Sumuel

"Love this guy! He needs to raise is his price. He's fast and very knowledgeable with a great smile btw. He understood what I needed right away and taught me how to better understand this concept."

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