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Damir Arh 5.0
Microsoft MVP. Software architect and polyglot developer.
Software architect and developer, interested in using new technologies and methodologies to make development processes more efficient and improve user experience in software. I am a big proponent...
Cruisecontrol.net mentor, Cruisecontrol.net expert, Cruisecontrol.net code help
$35.00 /15min
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Brad Cunningham
Partner at Crafting Bytes / Microsoft C# MVP
I am founding partner at Crafting Bytes a small software development shop dedicated to the craft of software development. We focus on high quality software, efficient process, and overall...
* Available for freelance projects
Cruisecontrol.net mentor, Cruisecontrol.net expert, Cruisecontrol.net code help
$30.00 /15min
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Samuel Jack
Full stack .Net developer with 10+ years WPF experience
I'm an experienced .Net developer with a head for business and a passion for solving problems. I cut my teeth developing desktop Windows applications (Windows Forms, then WPF). More recently I...
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* Available for freelance projects

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