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Codementor AngularJS Open Office Hours with Dean Sofer

–  Aug 28, 2014

Dean Sofer, Founder of AngularUI

Codementor AngularJS expert mentor Dean Sofer is hosting an open AngularJS office hours on Tuesday September 2nd at 5pm EDT / 2pm PDT!

Dean Sofer is the founder of the AngularUI organization for AngularJS and has given talks at various conferences.



AngularJS Open Office Hours with Dean Sofer

On Tuesday 9/2 at 5pm EDT / 2pm PDT,  Dean will host an open Q&A session for anyone with any questions about AngularJS.

This is an Open Office Hours – feel free to come in and ask about anything or do a short code review!  If you have any project specific questions, please email us and submit your questions ahead of time.

In Dean’s own words:

I am the founder of the AngularUI Organization for AngularJS and have been working closely with AngularJS (and the core team) since the project was in v0.9.x
I’ve been working as a frontend dev and ux designer for 6 years and a full stack dev for 10+ years. I’ve given talks at conferences and Google and have been involved in several Open Source projects.

What are Codementor Office Hours? 
This is a special free event hosted by Codementor.  You are invited to a free session with Codementor AngularJS expert mentor Dean Sofer.  In an interactive small group setting, Dean will answers all of your AngularJS questions.  If you have any project specific questions, please submit your questions ahead of time.

When: Tuesday September 2nd, 2pm PDT / 5pm EDT
Cost: Free 

Only 8 spaces available – RSVP now!

To RSVP: Tweet about this and tell us:
a) why you’d like to attend and
b) (optional) what questions do you have for Dean

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