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AngularJS Directives – Codementor Office Hours with Tero Parviainen

–  Jul 09, 2014

Tero Parviainen, Author of Build Your Own AngularJS
Tero Parviainen, Author of Build Your Own AngularJS

We’re excited to have AngularJS expert mentor Tero Parviainen joining us in the next Codementor Office Hours.  Tero is the author of Build Your Own AngularJS, and we will have an interactive discussion about Angular Directives.

Directives are the killer feature of AngularJS. By providing tools for extending the DOM with custom structure and behavior, they enable application developers to build apps with vastly reduced boilerplate.

Unfortunately, directives are also one of the more difficult Angular features to master. Some of this is due to the novelty of the approach, but to a large extent it’s also caused by the complexity of the directive API: When you write a directive, there’s a large amount of subtly interlinked concepts and features at play, and when things go wrong it’s easy to lose track of what’s going on.

Let’s discuss some of the challenges people face when designing and implementing directives! In particular, we can study how Angular’s directive system is actually implemented, which really helps demystify its behavior.

What are Codementor Office Hours? 
This is a special free event sponsored by Codementor.  You are invited to a free session with Codementor AngularJS expert mentor Tero Parviainen.  In an interactive small group setting, Tero will discuss with you the challenges of designing and implementing AngularJS directives

When: Wednesday July 16th, 11am PDT / 2pm EDT
Where: Codementor Office Hours @ Google Hangouts
Cost: Free 

Only 8 spaces available – RSVP now!

To RSVP: Tweet about this and tell us:
a) why you’d like to attend and
b) (optional) what questions do you have for Tero

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