Codementor Partners With RefactorU for Full-Stack JavaScript Online Course

Published Dec 04, 2014Last updated Mar 08, 2017

Codementor & RefactorU

We’re excited to be working with RefactorU, a web development school, to provide online learning experiences with 1:1 mentorship powered by Codementor.  The joint offering combines RefactorU’s proven, real-world curriculum and content with Codementor’s global network of developers and technology experts.

The offerings include two monthly subscriptions where learners get unlimited access to over 200+ full-stack JavaScript video lectures, 50+ exercises and solutions, a peer-to-peer online network, access to RefactorU’s guest speakers, exclusive webinars, etc, in addition to one-on-one, face-to-face remote mentoring with one of Codementor’s experts.

The joint Codementor-RefactorU offering is available in two tiers. The first called “Retain” is $250 per month and includes RefactorU’s content and exercises, plus up to 4 hours of one-on-one time with a Codementor expert mentor. “Reinvent” includes the same content and exercises as “Retain”, plus several additional benefits (monthly webinars, live-streaming classroom access, etc.) and includes up to 16 hours per month with a Codementor expert. Both tiers come with a 10-day free trial and learners may cancel at anytime.

An aspiring developer who tries to learn with tools found online often faces challenges that online-only resources like Codecademy, Code School, etc., do not effectively address, namely a lack of personal accountability and access to live, expert mentors.  Attrition rates of MOOCs are as high as 90%.  At RefactorU, approximately 95% of graduates are employed as developers within three months of finishing the full-stack web application development bootcamp, with an attrition rate of less than 5%. This is because of a combination of unique classroom learning structures, individual and peer accountability, and immediate access to expert instructors and facilitators.

We’re excited about this partnership.  RefactorU’s proven content for full-stack JavaScript combined with Codementor’s global network of expert developers gives online learners the tools, accountability, and access to mentoring that they need to succeed.

Click here to sign up for RefactorU’s online course, powered by Codementor.