Announcing Codementor Live Classes

Published Aug 26, 2015Last updated Mar 13, 2017

Online education is a booming industry and accessible to anyone with an internet connection, but most of these resources have been pre-recorded videos. Although pre-recorded videos have become a popular way to learn programming, students often lack the ability to interact with the instructor and material. At Codementor, we believe that asking questions and receiving instant feedback are fundamental components of learning programming. With this in mind, we want Codementor to help fill in the gap in online education.

Today we’re launching Codementor Live Classes, where students can learn to code with live mentors instead of video tutorials.

Codementor has become an essential platform for a growing number of developers around the world, from beginners to seasoned engineers. Not only is Codementor the marketplace to receive on-demand live help from experts, we are also a platform that matches developers for long-term mentorships.  Throughout our journey, we’ve received a large demand for live classes, and Codementor now offers Live Classes in 9 categories.

Our Live Classes are similar to online workshops, with live instruction, interaction, and hands-on learning. During each lesson, the class will have the opportunity to write code along with the instructing live mentor, and receive instant review and suggestions. Students can also ask questions during the live class or discuss in our private Slack channels outside of class.

We will offer Live Classes in various tech stacks, from front-end (JavaScript, AngularJS) to back-end development (Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP) and mobile development (both iOS & Android). We will also offer crash courses for beginners and advanced engineers (e.g. Machine Learning Class with Python).

Codementor + Koding

Along with the launch of our Live Classes, we’re proud to partner with Koding, an online, cloud-based development environment. Koding will help power the hands-on learning experience of our Live Classes. During each class, students will work on coding exercises and pair program together in Koding’s cloud IDE to receive live feedback.

Learn more about the upcoming class curriculums on our Live Classes page. If there’s a class you’re interested in, make sure to enroll now before the spots are filled up! If you are interested in teaching a class, or would like to suggest new classes, please let us know as well.

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