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Launch Your Product with a Dedicated Expert Mentor

Erica’s story

Become a Better Developer

Developer bootcamp student, Erica, complimented her learning with a dedicated mentor. With her mentor's support, she successfully found her dream job as a web developer.

Scotty & Signifyd’s story

Developer Training

Being the only front-end developer on his team, Scotty's AngularJS mentor assisted him with everything from code reviews and design architectures to provide the help that he needed.

Andrea’s story

Launch Your Product

With help from a dedicated mentor to support with front-end and back-end development, Andrea successfully launched her iOS app, Gifty.

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Steve Klabnik
Steve Klabnik

Active Ruby on Rails & Rust Contributor

Dean Sofer
Dean Sofer

Founder of AngularUI & AngularJS Expert

Martijn Pieters
Martijn Pieters

#1 Stack Overflow
Python Answerer

Naomi Freeman
Naomi Freeman

Conference Speaker & Course Instructor

Jim OKelly
Jim OKelly

Advanced Rubyist & Creator of Rubylove.io

Arlo Carreon
Arlo Carreon

Frontend Developer
@ Amazon

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