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WordPress Developer: Codementor Helps Me Deliver Better Solutions for Clients

–  Mar 30, 2016

Khary Reynolds is a WordPress developer who provides a variety of web solutions for companies including custom themes & plugin development. Although he’s well-versed in a variety of programming languages and frameworks, he considers his technical skills secondary to the value he offers clients throughout the WordPress development process.

Khary’s Experience with Codementor

What Have You Used Codementor For?

I have used Codementor to learn a variety of technologies and frameworks from creating custom plugins for WordPress or developing an eCommerce site using Python & Django.

In regards to my growth as a developer, Codementor is the first place I turn to when I need to solve a specific issue or learn a new skill.

I like the the efficiency of being able to speak to an experienced developer who can quickly assist me with project specific issues. Codementor allows me to learn new technologies at a faster pace.

How did your Codementor Sessions Go?

In general, all of my sessions have gone extremely well. I have always been able to resolve my issues and have gained more insight on how to solve future problems that may arise.

My mentors have helped me to get over many challenges that I come across in my day-to-day coding. I have also learned how to be more efficient with my code and have benefited from gaining more experience in WordPress and other technologies.

Any key takeaways or learnings from using Codementor?

I’ve learned that the best way to quickly increase your skill as a developer, you definitely need a good mentor who can help guide you down the best path to meeting your objectives and accomplishing your goals.

What do you like the most about Codementor?

What I like most is the fact that Codementor has a large talent pool of mentors, which are ready to assist with a variety of languages and frameworks. I would definitely recommend Codementor to any developer or entrepreneur looking to become a better coder.


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