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Tutors near me & beyond: Teen dev finds global mentor

–  Jun 21, 2016

tutors near meKeivan is a 17-year-old high school student from New York who was first introduced to programming when he was in sixth grade. Since then, he has expanded his skills and has already developed several apps including an Apple App Store Top 100 Free Sports Game, Tap2Row, which has users in over 80 countries.

Not showing any signs of slowing down, Keivan took to expand his development skills even further and launched a project that is relevant to him as a student. He pursued an Independent Study that would modernize the outdated course selection system in his school called Courselect. To help finish his project efficiently, he needed access to a far-reaching network of mentors when there was no one in his area he could turn to for more help—and that’s when Codementor helped him connect with programming tutors and app development experts across the globe.

tutors near me

Challenges on finding a local mentor as a student

With the help of my mentors, including a project manager at an app development studio, and a CS-initiative leader working for the NYC Department of Education, we created a curriculum that focuses on the real-world process of developing an application. Through my Independent Study, I decided to modernize the currently antiquated system of course selection at my school.tutors near me

Upon starting the project, I realized that I would be able to work more efficiently if I had a dedicated mentor who can guide me through the development process more closely than my other mentors could. I began to search all over for mentors in my area, though all of my leads brought me to dead ends. Finally, I discovered Codementor.tutors near me

Unlike services that put you in touch with local tutors, Codementor allows users to tap into a much larger, international talent pool.

Finding tutors near me and beyond

I have had an amazing experience working with my mentor, Christoph Wagner. Christoph has been very professional and has displayed a strong understanding of web development. He has been an excellent mentor, because he guides me in the right direction, rather than simply providing answers. During our sessions, we tackle larger concepts that are applicable to what I need to work on, which I can do on my own time. When we are not meeting, Christoph takes our mentorship a step further by providing me with great online resources or even typing up guides of his own. I recently completed the first stage of my project, a course search engine, and I am looking forward to finishing the project in its entirety.

Unlike services that put you in touch with local tutors, Codementor allows users to tap into a much larger, international talent pool. Beyond providing users with excellent mentors, Codementor has created an environment that makes meetings more convenient, unlike “local” meetups one might have to do with other services, which can get inconvenient sometimes. The live code editor and seamless video calling make for an all-in-one environment that allows users to make the most out of their time. When it comes to finding a mentor or tutor for programming, there is only one place that I will point people to — Codementor.


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