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Front-end Developer: Codementor is a Fantastic Resource for Fullstack Development

–  Apr 05, 2015

If you have friends all over the world, Gifty is a service that recommends great gift ideas and makes sure they are delivered to the right place. Gifty’s algorithm will generate 3 gift ideas based on your friends’ public Facebook content. You are able to select the price range to ensure only the most suitable gifts are displayed for any budget.

As someone who has studied and worked abroad in banking, Andrea Stone, now a freelance web designer, has many friends located around the world. She needed a service to help manage her international network so she never missed another birthday! Andrea couldn’t do it alone, so she built Gifty with Codementor’s help.

How Andrea Used Codementor

I took the ‘Programming for Non Programmers’ course at General Assembly in London. Complimented by numerous hours of online tutorials at Codecademy and some freelance projects, I still consider myself to be a beginner to intermediate front-end programmer. I have a basic foundation of coding skills but there is obviously so much more to learn.

When building my project, I ran into several programming issues and eventually came across Codementor and was immediately satisfied with the help I received.

Codementor is the best platform in the market to find an instant, reliable solution for a programming problem.

I’m a hands-on learner, so I used Codementor in the ‘Share Screen’ mode to see how mentors would fix my CSS, JS and HTML problems. This way, I would be able to instantly troubleshoot the issue and learn how to fix or avoid those problems in the future. All in all, Codementor was a fantastic resource for both the front and back-end development in launching my product.

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