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Crowdfunding Platform Pioneer: 1:1 Mentorship the Most Efficient Way to Learn Programming

–  Oct 14, 2015

Brian Camelio is a musician, composer, producer, public speaker, educator, and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of ArtistShare, the internet’s first crowdfunding platform that also operates as a record label and business model for creative artists. The first ArtistShare fan-funded release won a Grammy award, and became the first album ever to win a Grammy that was not available in retail stores.

Brian fell in love with coding in the mid- ’90s and started his first internet business in 1998, which was an online fundraising portal for non-profit groups. As a trained composer, he found the processes of music composition and coding very similar as they both take a finite language and create great things with them. Brian found the instant gratification from both processes very exciting.

Between his job as CEO of ArtistShare and his music producing, Brian was left very little time for study. As such, one on one code mentoring was perfect for people like him.

How Was Your Codementor Experience?

I first tried out another online platform, and learned pretty quickly that although they “pair” you with a developer, there is no real vetting process. Paying a higher rate does not mean you are getting a more skilled developer. I found it to be a little misleading and my more expensive “expert” developer ended up introducing some bugs into our company’s code. We didn’t realize until a few days afterward and the customer service was not helpful.

With Codementor, I can reach out directly to programming experts, where I would have a free introductory period with each developer to make sure the mentor was a good fit before doing a full session.

I’ve used Codementor for helping me get up to speed on the latest coding trends, mostly around learning AngularJS. I then use the skills I learn to either write code or oversee a coding team for new projects.

One of the Codementors I worked with, Long Le, was a true expert. In 5-6 hours of mentoring I learned enough to create a fairly complex project on my own. Le taught me the basics of AngularJS, and, more importantly, walked me through best practices as we built part of the project together.

What I like the most about Codementor is the software, as it is superior and easy to use.

In addition, Codementor’s customer service is very friendly and responsive. Most of all it is there at a moment’s notice. Keep up the great work!

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