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Novice Android Developer: Codementor Helped Me Find a Job

–  May 01, 2016

Tony is a novice Android developer looking to find a job in the field. He decided he wanted a career change about a year ago, and had always wanted to learn to program. He fell in love with the Android platform, and having a little Java experience already, he enrolled in an online bootcamp for Android development. He ended up taking a break from it when he realized the pace was a bit too fast-paced, as he felt he needed some help reinforcing the fundamentals with some guided practice opportunities and a bit more 1:1 instruction.

As of now, Tony has found a job as a junior Android developer, thanks to his mentor, Ryan Simon, who recommended Tony to his company. Ryan continues mentoring him as the senior developer at the company.

Tony’s Codementor Experience with a Longterm Mentor

I chose Ryan Simon as my mentor, and after a few sessions in which he helped me develop my apps for the bootcamp, he quickly identified my needs and we developed a custom curriculum in order to tackle what I’d need to do to become qualified for a job as a junior Android developer.

In a typical session, we will start out by addressing any questions or concerns regarding the “mini-app” homework that Ryan assigns me the week prior. I’ll explain my code to him and describe my logic step-by-step, and he’ll help me work through any problems I have. He’s really good at making me think for myself about what is going on in the code rather than just giving me the answer outright. I am also working through an Android programming guide book that Ryan chose as the textbook for our custom course (it’s fantastic), and it provides a structure for the course that the “mini-app” projects he designs for me can work off of. So, we will also work together in solving some of the challenge problems at the end of each chapter. The 1:1 work we do is not only great for helping me learn the information I need, but also the meta-thinking that I need to be a good programmer. One of the key takeaways I’m getting from this is “How do I approach problems like a programmer so that I can think of a clear, logical solution?”

What I like about Codementor is that it seems like all the mentors are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about teaching others to code.

I really like the Codementor longterm mentorship program – it’s affordable and flexible. Also, I like that it’s basically open to whatever type of help I would need. I got a lot more than I expected to, in a mentor that takes my own goals as seriously as I do – so with his help I feel really confident that I’m going to get where I want to be. So yes, I’d definitely recommend this to others!

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