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CodementorX is an exclusive network of top software developers available for hire.
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Do you need help with a large freelance project?
Tell us your requirements, and we'll send you a shortlist of our vetted developers for the engagement.
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Freelance Jobs
Our mentors love to help people, whether it's through live mentorship or a fixed cost freelance job.
I'm available to help build your customized iOS app.
Let me know your specific project requirements and specs.
Robert, Top iOS Mentor

How Freelance Jobs Work

Share details of your freelance job
We also provide services for long-term engagements with CodementorX.
How to write a good request?
Chat with developers and find a good fit
Discuss your job with interested developers to see if they're a good fit.
How would I know if the expert can help me?
Hire a developer to complete the job
Once you find a good fit, you can hire the developer to complete the job.
How do I hire a mentor to complete a task?
Track progress and pay by escrow
Your payment is put in escrow (on hold) with us until the developer completes the job.
How does payment work for freelance jobs?

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