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Access Shared preference data from one application to another application

Create Shared preferece data in first application set its mode to MODE_WORLD_READABLE. Here is a following snippet you can find how to create shared preference and store data into it. ``` mSharedPrefs...

Getting Started with Kotlin For Android Development

This tutorial will give you a glimpse of how useful Kotlin is for Android Development. You should consider it for your next project!
Getting Started with Kotlin For Android Development

What is RecyclerView? And how to use it?

Here you can see how to use RecyclerView

Top 10 most useful plugins for Android Studio

Android Studio plugins to boost your productivity and power pack your IDE
Top 10 most useful plugins for Android Studio

Android user authentication help

I've created an app that allows two types of users to login in (students and staff). Students are presented with a 10 question quiz when logged in that returns the score and time taken to complete quiz...

Android kotlin: How to (part 1 Class differences)

* * * ![](*L-T2nl9_CPbxc4JlWw_BKQ.png) So recently Google decided to support Kotlin as a secondary language in developing android apps. Though a lot of peopl...

Leverage Java 8 features alongside RxJava in your next Android Project and stay safe while doing it with the new Android Studio 2.4

* * * Who else is excited about the new features in Android studio 2.4, this article was supposed to be about my frustrating experience with the Jack Toolchain and RetroLambda. Then  **…** Googl...

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