Responsive Typography – Implementing Web Fonts for Performance & Polish – Codementor Office Hours with Jason Pamental

Published Jul 01, 2014Last updated Mar 08, 2017

See the video here Tutorial: Responsive Design & Web Typography by Jason Pamental

Jason Pamental, Responsive Design & Typography ExpertJason Pamental, O’Reilly Book Author

Would you like to learn how to pair typefaces and use them well in your designs?

Would you like to implement web fonts for best performance and make them fast, readable, and reliable across devices & platforms?

We’re excited to have responsive web design & typography expert Jason Pamentalto show you how.  Jason is the author of Responsive Typography from O’Reilly and has been designing & developing for the web since Mosaic & Netscape 1.

Whether you’re a front-end developer, a web designer, or someone relying on Bootstrap for responsive design, you’ll be able to learn techniques to make web fonts work for you.

Responsive Typography – Implementing Web Fonts for Performance & Polish

Topics of discussion: 

  • how to choose web fonts and make them fast
  • how to beat FOUT (Flash of Unstyled Text)
  • how to pair fonts
  • how to scale headings for better proportion on varying screen sizes
  • fine points: small details that add up to a great reading experience


What are Codementor Office Hours? 
This is a special free event sponsored by Codementor.  You are invited to a free session with Codementor design & typography expert Jason Pamental.  In an interactive small group setting, Jason will help you excel on responsive design, web fonts, and more.

When: Monday July 7th, 8pm EDT / 5pm PDT
Where: Codementor Office Hours @ Google Hangouts
Cost: Free 

Only 8 spaces available – RSVP now!

To RSVP: Tweet about this and tell us:
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