Codementor Office Hours: Making an HTML5 Game in WebGL & Three.js in 1 Hour

Published Jun 17, 2014Last updated Mar 08, 2017

Codementor Office Hours: Making an HTML5 Game in WebGL & Three.js in 1 Hour

Would you like to learn how to make an HTML5 game in 1 hour?

Are you interested in learning more about WebGL & Three.js?

Jerome Etienne WebGL ExpertJerome Etienne, WebGL & Three.js Expert

You’re invited to a \ *free*  Codementor Office Hour session with WebGL expert Jerome Etienne!  In a small group setting on Google Hangouts, Jerome will show how to create an HTML5 game in under an hour and go over the basics of WebGL and 3D models on three.js.  You’re invited to ask questions and join the live discussion!

Jerome Etienne is a hardcore javascript developer and the 8th most active user on github.  He loves Javascript, node.js, WebGL and cool HTML5 game stuff.

In Jerome’s own words: “At the Office Hour we are going to create a mini-game in WebGL called “Flying Spaceships”. We are going to start by creating a basic WebGL page, then we are going to see some 3D models on three.js and play around with them.  We will use these models to create the Universe of our mini-game. Then we will include sound in our Space with WebAudio API. It’s gonna be pretty cool. See you there!” 

What is Codementor Office Hour? 
This is a special free event sponsored by Codementor.  You will be invited to a free session with Codementor expert Jerome Etienne who specializes in JavaScript, Node.js, and WebGL.  In an interactive small group setting, Jerome will show you cool HTML5 game stuff using WebGL and Three.js.

When: Friday June 20th, 11am PDT
Where: Codementor Office Hour @ Google Hangouts
Cost: Free 

Go to Event: Codementor Office Hour with Jerome Etienne