Announcing Bitcoin Support for Live Developer Help

Published Nov 12, 2014Last updated Mar 08, 2017

We’re very excited to announce that Codementor now supports Bitcoin for our live 1:1 help marketplace for developers.

Codementor Bitcoin Support

Codementor connects developers with experts for live on-demand support via screen sharing, video and chat.  Starting from today, anyone can get live expert help on Codementor with Bitcoin.  Expert mentors on Codementor can choose to be paid in Bitcoin as well.

Why Bitcoin

Bitcoin support has been one of the popular feature requests on Codementor.  Codementor has been a global marketplace since day 1, and we believe Bitcoin has the potential to help Codementor become a much more efficient marketplace internationally.

Quite a few of our mentors are based in countries where they’d need to rely on international wire transfers as existing payment solutions either do not exist or charge a high fee.   By offering Bitcoin as a viable payment and payout option, more users and mentors will be able to use Codementor to connect with each other.

Codementor is working with Coinbase to power our Bitcoin support.  We’re very excited to join the Bitcoin ecosystem.   As a marketplace built by for developers, it is a natural fit for us to support a digital currency built by developers.

Let us know if you have any questions & feedback!