7 Best Coworking Spaces in New York

Published Aug 18, 2017Last updated Sep 01, 2017
7 Best Coworking Spaces in New York

Coworking has become increasing popular among freelancers and entrepreneurs in the past decade and it’s not hard to see why — it gets lonely working from home and there’s only so much time you can spend in cafes before you start wondering if they all have the same soundtrack. Coworking spaces aren’t just good for working, they’re also a great venue for users to build up their professional and personal network.

We’ve done our research of all the coworking spaces in New York City and rounded up the best ones. Our team took into consideration membership pricing, amenities, sense of community, and the space’s general vibe.

We didn’t arrange the coworking spaces in any particular order, as they’re all equally awesome. Pack your bags as you’re about to find your new favorite working space among the 7 coworking spaces listed below!


WeWork New YorkSource: WeWork

WeWork, the Starbucks of the coworking world, can be found in major cities across the globe. With 40 locations in New York alone, there’s a WeWork space for everyone. Not in New York? Why not take advantage of WeWork’s global expansion? The WeWork team will help you seamlessly move between different locations.

Pricing Structure:

  • Hot Desk: starts from $350/month (depending on location)
  • Dedicated Desk: starts from $500/month
  • Private Office: starts from $700/month


  • “I've visited and worked from similar places from coast to coast and WeWork is the best I've seen. I highly recommend WeWork.” ~Jason C.
  • “Not only is the productivity infectious, but the collaborative spirit and openness of each person makes it easy to network and foster the exchange of ideas.” ~Debie K.


PrimarySource: Primary

‘Yoga studio meets coworking space’ is the best way to describe Primary. Members have unlimited access to Primary’s fitness studio, which offers over 30 classes a week, and massage and acupuncture services. Open work rooms, high speed Wi-Fi, phone booths, meetings rooms, coffee, and all that jazz are still included in the package, along with a plant-filled health-conscious environment.

Did we mention they have vegan muffins?

Pricing Structure:

  • Day Pass: $30, with $20 for any class
  • Virtual Office: starts from $80/month
  • Standard membership: starts from $300/month
  • Private office: starts at $800/month


  • “This wellness spot for working blends a productive atmosphere with a laid back environment, which helps you get lost in the work and not feel like you're sitting behind a computer in a boring cubicle.” ~Christian L.
  • “Primary is a magical place. It's like a bunch of trendy fae (you know, fairy folk) needed to get jobs so they built themselves an office.” ~Rachel S.

Voyager HQ

Voyager HQSource: Voyager HQ

Prefer airplane windows over office cubicles? Look no further than Voyager HQ! Voyager HQ believes everyone should be able to travel, even while running a startup. More than a coworking space, Voyager HQ has a strong online community for its members, highlighting the value of community and collaboration among people who prefer country hopping over settling down and bringing together the brightest minds that want to create the future of travel. The Clubhouse also offers Private Offices for those who need a physical home base to run their business.

Pricing Structure:

  • Digital Club Membership: Free
  • Flex Clubhouse Membership: $18/day
  • Clubhouse Membership: $225/month


  • “An amazing space filled with amazing and kind people; you definitely won't regret your experience!” ~Rhue M.
  • “Seriously cool working space” ~Carlos M.

The Wing

the wing coworking space nySource: The Wing

Nevertheless, she persisted. Built on the heritage of the late 19th century Women’s Club movement, The Wing’s founders believed that women deserve a space designed specifically for them to work and run the world. ‘A living room to get to inbox zero and have coffee with a friend,’ the blush pink Instagrammable coworking space features an all-female library, a lactation room, showers, and a beauty room along with the usual suspects: meeting rooms, working spaces, and charging stations.

Pricing Structure:

  • Monthly Membership: $215/month
  • Annual Membership: $2250/year


  • “10/10 will crush it again. Go Team Wing, GO GO GO!” ~Sumeet S.
  • “The shower is heavenly, the library is iconic, I got my work done in peace, everyone is so nice, and they let me listen to Mariah Carey as I applied moisturizer in the Beauty Room.” ~Natalie G.

The Productive

The Productive coworking spaceSource: The Productive

Ping pong tables and beer taps aren’t for everyone. If you agree, The Productive will be your favourite place, with a no-fuss, minimalistic workspace. Lockers are also available from $10, just in case you don’t want to haul your stuff around. The Productive offers special three-month and six-month discounts if you're in it for the long haul.

Pricing Structure

  • Virtual Office: $90/month
  • Nights and Weekend: $190/month (Monday-Friday, 6pm to 10am)
  • Full Time Open Desk: $290/month
  • Dedicated Desk: $610/month


  • “The space is clean and bright and the coworkers here are never overwhelming, loud, or packed in like sardines.” ~Katie C.
  • “Simply living in New York City is expensive. So, what happens when you find a workspace you absolutely LOVE, is close to the trains, has amazing brick walls, complimentary coffee AND printing? You expect it to be 1,000$+ a month. I pay about 10% of that and am so thankful The Productive exists!” ~Adrienne V.

Bat Haus

Bat Haus coworking spaceSource: Bat Haus

Worried that you’ll work too hard and forget to make friends? Co-working at Bat Haus forces you to have a social life. Bat Haus is perfect for those who need to be forcibly removed from work to mingle. By limiting working hours from 9AM to 7PM, Monday to Friday, Bat Haus highlights the value of community by organizing socializing events after hours.

Plus, you get to say that you’re going to the Bat Haus. How cool is that?

Pricing Structure:

  • Virtual: $75/month
  • Day Pass: $25/day
  • Fiver: $85/month
  • Lite: $175/month
  • Full: $224/month


  • “I highly recommend the Bat Haus to any freelancers or anyone else who works from home. You'll make as many friends as you want, and you'll spend less money than you do on coffee working at your neighborhood cafe.” ~ Ryan N.

  • “The Bat Haus is a true coworking space with an amazing community of creative people.[...] The Bat Haus has saved me from a life of working in my underwear from my apartment. ” ~Nick C.


Spacious coworking space NYSource: Spacious

Working at a cafe? Sure. Working at a restaurant — off hours? That’s probably something you’ve never done before . At least, not until now.

Unlike traditional coworking spaces, Spacious transforms restaurants that are closed during the day into a network of coworking spaces. You won’t even have to compromise functionality — Spacious provides high speed internet and outlets at partnered restaurants. Private rooms are also available upon request if you plan on having a meeting in one of the hippest restaurants in New York. The best part? You don’t have to travel to have a drink or meal after a long work day!

Pricing Structure:

  • Day Pass: $29/day
  • Monthly Membership: $95/month


  • “I was introduced to Spacious from a good friend of mine and have since introduced multiple friends to this amazing coworking space.” ~Nathan L.
  • “Really great idea, using restaurant space, adding power strips, white noise machines, and high speed internet and providing a space for NY'ers to work that's not in a cramped apartment busy coffee shop.” ~Jacob R.


Coworking has become increasingly popular in the past decade. Many of the coworking spaces in New York bring the working environment to a whole new level. Each coworking space has its own distinct culture, but one thing that connects all the coworking spaces we looked at is the strong network. Be it routine socializing events, fitness lessons, or even an online community, coworking spaces aren’t just a space where people gather to work. They’re spaces where people with similar interests and goals can connect.

Have you been to a coworking space before? What’s your favorite coworking space in New York? Let us know in the comments below!

Don't live in New York? Check out coworking spaces in San Francisco here!

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