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How To Find The Best Web Development Agencies In India

From representing your online front to bringing leads, you must make sure that you are selecting the best web development company.
How To Find The Best Web Development Agencies In India

List of do's and don'ts in Javascript Development

This guide contains primary coding standards for the javascript programming language. Javascript programming guidelines will help you to deliver error free code and it depends on Google Javascript...
List of do's and don'ts in Javascript Development

How and why I built PoochPlay

Dogs make our lives better and we wanted to return the favour. That's why, a team of vets and engineers came together and created PoochPlay. - A complete dog wellbeing management app and a wireless dog activity tracker. PoochPlay app is available for free to download and use. • PoochPlay app tracks your dog’s physical activity (even without a tracker!) • It monitors and manages your dog’s weight • Based on your dog’s age, weight, conditions, activity levels and the brand of food it already eats, Pooch Play recommends how much food they need every day. • It learns and notifies you about your dog’s daily, periodic, vaccination and de- worming schedules. We appreciate that every dog is unique, PoochPlay worked with vets and scientists to create an optimum algorithm that checks various details about your dog and works out a personal activity plan. The more information you enter about your pooch, the more specific the results. The activity tracker This beautiful, small, and ultra lightweight tracker clips on neatly to the existing collar of your dog. It understand over 240 breeds of dogs and using the app it creates an activity goal specifically for your dog. The battery lasts over 6 months and since it is waterproof and play-proof, you never have to take it off. It connects wirelessly to your phone and automatically updates the activity data to the app when you’re around. When you’re not around it can store up to 7 days of activity data. With PoochPlay activity tracker you will be able to ensure that your fur-baby gets the activity it needs and this data will help your vet with faster diagnosis and hence faster treatment.
How and why I built PoochPlay

The “OTHER” JavaScript Framework

As a web developer you’ll have heard the buzz of Angular (1, 2 and 4), React, Vue.js and others. But there’s another JavaScript framework that’s revolutionizing a platform for thousands of developers!

How to make your responsive mobile website hurt my heart

I think the most ironic part about responsive websites is that of the first word: responsive. It seems to have become a pattern wherein people take their over-complicated, bloated website: add a few media queries or use a few framework components and hide the elements that do not fit. The concept of optimising the website for mobile (which includes more than just the visible aspect) seems to have been ignored for about 70% of mobile websites I visit.

State of sas7bdat files readeR

The current state of sas7bdat reader.

iOS or Android Development? What You Should Know Before Building an App

So, finally you took a decision to develop an app. Now it’s time to think about the platform. Eternal question raises — iOS or Android? What are the differences and which native app would be better...
iOS or Android Development? What You Should Know Before Building an App

How To Install Tensorflow On Windows

Learn how to Install TensorFlow on Windows on a non networked machine.

How and Why I Built A Server Monitoring Tool

Read about the challenges, key learnings, and process of building a server monitoring tool and learn how to work smarter.
How and Why I Built A Server Monitoring Tool

Building a Cross Platform Desktop Notification Tool Using Node.js

Learn how to spawn notifications on your users' machines without having to worry about cross platform issues using node-notifier.

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