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Mentoring Setup

Last updated Feb 10, 2018

Best practices for mentees before entering a codementor session with me.

Check your browser

Codementor sometimes does not work well in a particular browser for some reason. Please try at least Chrome and Safari if you experience problems on the website.

Install Zoom

Despite this information standing everywhere on this site, please make sure you do have Zoom installed. It still happens occasionally to my mentees that it is not installed.

Have at least 50 USD deposited

I offer my mentoring free of charge. Yet, you need to deposit 50 USD to codementor before we can enter a "paid session" despite the price being 0 USD.

Start a paid session

More often than not, I forget to actually "start" the session. So, for myself and for you: we enter a session and then we also "start" it after we entered it 😄

Atom Teletype (optional)

Codementor and Zoom provide great tools for collaboration. Yet, I recommend that you install Atom Teletype so we can collaborate on your codebase directly instead of having to copy-paste pieces of code into the browser. Zoom screen sharing is not sufficient for pair coding because of the lag and differences in screen resolution.

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