Atom Teletype for Dummies

Published Feb 14, 2018
Atom Teletype for Dummies


  • Install the package in Atom
  • Click on the antenna icon in the bottom right of the Editor
  • Follow the instructions to begin collaboration with a friend
  • Click on the Avatar on the right of the user you wish to "follow"
  • As soon as you scroll around, you stop following that user

I'm an Engineer, it can't be that hard

I don't know how you're pair programming on codementor, but I hope it's not via Zoom screen sharing. Because that's too slow.

So as soon as I heard about Teletype for Atom I knew this was going to be the perfect tool. The minimalistic installation instruction page looks just simply beautiful but, boy, it is not a user manual 😃

After installing the package (easy enough), I didn't know how to "activate" Teletype. Luckily, there were instructions on the documentation page:

Click the [antenna] icon in the Atom status bar

From here it was easy again. Authorize Teletype using Github and you can start a collaboration session right away.

But this is when the trouble started 😃 I originally expected to have a screen-sharing-like experience where I would just see what the mentee sees. But I only saw one file. Even if the remote partner switched to another file, I would still only see that one file.

To make things worse, I had my own project file navigation still open but that would of course not open any file located on the remote system. I felt a little bit embarrassed, because it was I who suggested using Teletype and now I didn't even know how to use it.

In the next session I finally got the hang of it. I learned that sharing the entire project is not an existing feature yet, but it is on the roadmap.

Leading the collaboration session

I also learned, that both you and the remote partner can "lead" the development across all already opened files. But it has to be the remote partner to "open" any new file he or she would like to expose to collaboration if the files are located on their system.

If you want the other person to lead, simply click on the avatar of that person. A small "link" icon will appear and if you let go of your mouse/trackpad, that will work just fine. But if you scroll, you do not follow the other person any more. Neither does the other person follow you. Whoever clicks on the avatar of the other, will start following again.

Good luck!

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