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How to use jQuery to dynamically change the link of an anchor tag based on the attribute of its child

Rowland Ekemezie
Oct 25, 2016
<p>Using jQuery to manipulate the content of a web page can be a bit tricky if you don't get the flow.</p> <p><strong>Context: </strong></p> <p>1) You have a page of over 500 images and wants to find an <strong>img</strong> tag with alt attribute <strong>'You are good'.</strong></p> <p>2) You want to change the <strong>href</strong> of the anchor tag whose child is an <strong>img</strong> tag.</p> <p><strong>Action:</strong></p> <p><strong>1) </strong>Iterate through all the anchor tag on the page.</p> <p>2) Add a conditional to check the attribute of each child image</p> <p>3) Replace the <strong>href</strong> of the anchor tag.</p> <p><em><strong>$('a').each(function() {</strong></em></p> <p><em><strong>  if($(this).children('img').attr('alt', 'You are good')){</strong></em></p> <p><em><strong>     $(this).attr('href', '&lt;The new href you want to substitute&gt;)<br>   }</strong></em></p> <p><em><strong>});</strong></em><br>  </p> <p>P.S: There are other ways to achieve this but I prefer an explicit approach.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p>
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