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Think about functionality before working

Zach Saucier
Dec 03, 2014
<p>No one wants to waste time. But at the same time, few people seem to take the time to think about how to correctly solve a problem before they jump into it.</p><p>Instead of spending hours upon hours looking for a library or tool to complete the job needed, think about the exact functions that need to be implemented and about how those can be created. If creating them seems harder that it should be, there's likely a library to do it. Sometimes, however, the situation is more simple than what a library requires, thus you'll spend your time looking for something that isn't public.</p><p>Make sure you know what you're implementing before you start implementing it. Describe it in words, perhaps to someone you know. If you can't do that well, there's no hope for you to make the computer understand you!</p>
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