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If your server isn't serving web pages, but is alive and accepting log-ins...

Dave Nattriss
Jun 02, 2015
<p>...then that probably means that the web server on the machine isn't running. Typically on a Linux box, this will be Apache, so check the process list for it (either identified as apache, apache2 or httpd), and if it's not there, then that's why no web pages are served.</p> <p>You can display the process list on Linux using the 'ps' command, and I tend to use the 'awx' options, and then use pipe (|) and 'grep' to search the output for what you are looking for. For instance:</p> <p><code><kbd>ps awx | grep httpd</kbd></code></p> <p>So that will run the process list command, with a few options, and the output will then be piped into grep, which will filter each line and only show it if it contains 'httpd'. So this will quickly let you see if there is an 'httpd' process running or not.</p> <p>If not, then you should try starting it - Google around for the appropriate syntax for your Apache installation. Either this will work, or bring up an error message explaining why it won't start.</p>
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