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Learn AngularJS TDD without the Magic

Felippe Nardi
Apr 15, 2015
<p>Are you struggling on get started with AngularJS Tests? I've built a simple sandbox for you: an AngularJS app, with Jasmine tests and an HTML test-runner—the easiest way to run your tests.</p> <p>If you are learning, forget about Karma. Your test runner is going to be an index.html inside the /test-runner directory.</p> <p>Write your tests inside /spec/app-spec.js and code you app inside /js/app.js.</p> <p>Sounds easy enough? Give it a try: https://github.com/felippenardi/angularjs-and-jasmine-test-boilerplate</p> <p>See what questions arises and give me a ping. I'm ready to get you started doing TDD in AngularJS.</p>
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