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How to Start a Startup as a Non-Technical Founder

 With  Weiting Liu
  Wed, Jan 25, 09:00 AM (PST)
Video & Recap
How to Start a Startup as a Non-Technical Founder

Are you a non-technical entrepreneur trying to bring your great startup idea to life? Join us in this Office Hours, where Weiting Liu, founder and CEO of Codementor, will be sharing his experience and advice as a non-technical founder.

We'll be discussing Weiting's own journey as a serial entrepreneur and how non-technical founders can build successful tech companies. Weiting will be sharing insights from both his personal experiences and lessons learned from Codementor users who have built startups as non-tech founders. We'll be covering topics like growing your own technical skills, finding and evaluating developers, providing value to your startup as a non-technical founder, and more.

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Codementor Expert
Weiting Liu
Weiting Liu

Weiting Liu is the founder & CEO of Codementor, a live help marketplace for developers. Weiting is a serial entrepreneur and an alumnus of both Y Combinator (YC ’07 SocialPicks, ’12) and Techstars (Seattle ’13 Codementor).

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