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Query parameters in Ember

 With  Balint Erdi
  Fri, Jun 5, 12:30 PM (PST)
Video & Recap
Query parameters in Ember

Ember has been all about being able to use URLs on the client-side as if you were on the server from the start. The last piece of the puzzle was query parameter support which was added relatively late, after the first stable version came out. The implementation Ember settled on is a remarkable one and in this session, we are going to see how query parameters can be used on a couple of practical examples.

Balint has been a backend guy for most of his career but then gotten a taste of and fallen in love with Ember a couple of years ago. He has been preaching the one true way of building rich client-side apps ever since, at conferences, in blog posts and lately, in a book, Rock and Roll with Ember.js.

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Balint Erdi
Balint Erdi

Ember.js and Rails consultant, conference speaker, mailing list owner, book writer

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