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Codementor Office Hours

Live Online Meetups with Expert Developers

Live Online Meetups with Expert Developers
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Connect with Top Experts

Codementor Office Hours connect you with top domain experts in topic-specific live Q&A discussions.

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Learn in Small Groups

Office Hours enable you to learn from both guest experts and other attendees in a small group interactive setting.

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Attend for Free

Codementor Office Hours are sponsored by Codementor and are free to attend for all developers.

What are Codementor Office Hours

Codementor Office Hours are free live online talks with top expert developers. Watch them live code, answer questions, and debate about the latest technologies.

Upcoming Office Hours

David Khourshid
Creating Reactive Animations with CSS Variables

UI animations can be an incredible asset to the user experience, especially if they are meaningful and responsive to user input. Native mobile app developers know this all too well, so how can we incorporate similar animations to the web to create an appealing user experience? With the help o...

with David Khourshid
Tue, Oct
04:00 PM (PST)
Kshitij Aggarwal
Android MVP Architecture: Comparison with MVC and Implementation

MVP (Model-View-Presenter) is becoming a popular architecture design for Android apps, as it helps make code more modular, maintainable, and testable. In this Office Hours, Kshitij will take us through an introduction of MVP architecture and a comparison with traditional MVC (Model-View-Controlle...

Wed, Nov
07:30 AM (PST)
Safia Abdalla
Getting Started with Open Source Projects

In this installment of Office Hours, Safia Abdalla will be holding a live Q&A with attendees about open source, how to get involved with open source, and lessons learned from working in different open source projects. Safia is a data scientist and software engineer with an interest in open so...

with Safia Abdalla
Thu, Nov
04:00 PM (PST)

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Office Hours Library

Angular Core Team
Angular 2 and Beyond: Live Q&A with Google's Angular Core Team
with Angular Core Team
Wed, Oct 12, 10:00 AM (PST)
Foo bar
Tmux is awesome Wed, Oct 22, 11:00 AM (PST)