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Coding Bootcamps in Los Angeles

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coding bootcamps in los angeles

California is the state with the highest number of bootcamps in the US, according to the 2016 Coding Bootcamp study by CourseReport and a good chunk of those coding bootcamps are in Los Angeles.

It’s easy to overlook Los Angeles as a major tech city in the state, as Silicon Valley is the more recognized tech hub in the region (and in the country), but that doesn’t mean that LA is short on opportunities for learning and working in tech. If you’re keen on making a career as a programmer within the city and you think that learning through immersive training is right for you, you should look into these coding bootcamps in Los Angeles (listed alphabetically for your convenience) and see if any of these fit your criteria.

List of Coding Bootcamps in Los Angeles

Academy X

coding bootcamps in los angeles

Even before coding bootcamps exploded into popularity, Academy X has been in the business of offering training programs for students looking to learn web development, digital marketing, and programming for over 14 years. Academy X is quite different from others as the 5-day Java and Android Bootcamps are both offered as private training. Their group lessons, or “public classes” as they call it (with an average of 5 students per class), are more fundamentals training than an immersive bootcamp. They also have online classes and evening course options.

  • Cost: Public classes range between $350–$1,495, Java 5-day Bootcamp (private training) $1,950, Android Programming Boot Camp (private training) $2,450; offers discounts, credits, and group packages
  • Experience required: Beginner
  • Technologies covered: Java, Android, HTML, CSS, SQL
  • Duration: 1-day, 3-days, 5-days, evening classes available
  • Job placement: n/a

Beach Coders Academy

coding bootcamps in los angeles

Beach Coders Academy will get anyone started in coding with schedule flexibility in mind. Their front-end web development coding immersive program called CodeWave, and UX design course called Ultimate UX have both morning and evening class options. They also have one-on-one evening and afternoon sessions available. Both bootcamps run for four weeks where students will create projects that they can use for their portfolio once they graduate from the program.

  • Cost: Between $1,777 to $2,477 $2,450; offers scholarships
  • Experience required: Beginner
  • Technologies covered: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Job placement: Offers job placement assistance


coding bootcamps in los angeles

Codesmith differentiates itself from other coding schools through their curriculum based on the Oxford University educational paradigm of “immersive independent learning combined with mentorship,” where they primarily use pair-programming to teach students. For 12 weeks students will learn full-stack JavaScript (focusing on React and Node.js) and software engineering; starting with a series of free classes for applicants to help them get into the program before the official start of classes. The program ends on Recruitment Day where students present their projects to companies and are given one-on-one interviews on the spot.

  • Cost: Between $17,200; offers financing options and scholarships
  • Experience required: Intermediate
  • Technologies covered: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js
  • Duration: 12 weeks, 11 hours every day from Monday to Saturday
  • Job placement: Has Recruitment Day towards the end of the program

Coding Dojo

coding bootcamps in los angeles

In four weeks, students can master a full-stack technology of their choice; MEAN (JavaScript), LAMP (PHP), Ruby, Python, or iOS—with the option of taking it online or on-site, too. While this can be taken by beginners, intermediate developers can also enhance their skills of the stacks mentioned above by enrolling in Coding Dojo’s Dev Accelerators program. But for the truly determined (and for those who can devote 14 weeks), perhaps their most immersive of all is their Onsite Flex Bootcamp where students will learn three full-stacks. Evening courses and workshops are also offered.

  • Cost: Between $11,995 for Onsite Flex Bootcamp; $6,500 for Online; $5,000 Dev Accelerators; $50 for Intro Workshop
  • Experience required: Beginners, Intermediate
  • Technologies covered: Full-stack MEAN (JavaScript), LAMP (PHP), Ruby, Python, and iOS
  • Duration: 24 weeks or 14 weeks, 70–90 hours per week
  • Job placement: Offers career services

General Assembly

coding bootcamps in los angeles

Found in 19 locations worldwide, it’s no surprise that they offer their diverse immersive bootcamp options in Los Angeles, too. Web development, UX design, iOS development, and Data Science are the current full-time immersive training they offer in LA. And towards the end of any of the full-time courses, students will undergo job readiness training and will be connected to potential employers. But more than their immersive bootcamps, the courses they offer are as wide and encompassing as the locations they are found in. General Assembly also has marketing, business development, and other tech related trainings, offered as full-time, part-time, online, and short-term (one-day workshops) formats.

  • Cost: $3,500–$13,500. Offers student loans
  • Experience required: Beginner, intermediate
  • Technologies covered: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails
  • Duration: 10-week to 12-week all-day full-time, part-time, evening, and weekend programs; 40–70 hours per week
  • Job placement: Offers professional development training


coding bootcamps in los angeles

The LearningFuze Full Immersive training aims to prepare students to be fully competent to work as developers after 12 weeks. The program aims to equip students with up-to-date JavaScript and PHP training, paired with crucial soft skills expected of professional developers. Their curriculum is also known to be highly adaptive and changes based on what’s needed in the industry. One thing that makes the program attractive to students is the postgraduate support they provide where they continue to help graduates with coding help and give them professional advice beyond the official 12-week program.

  • Cost: $15,255–$10,995, depending on payment plan. Offers discounts and payment options
  • Experience required: Beginner
  • Technologies covered: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, Firebase, Git
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Job placement: Has “employment phase” and postgraduate support


coding bootcamps in los angeles

The School of Software Engineering, MakerSquare assures that the curriculum they offer stays up to date with the most in-demand technology in the marketplace. By implementing this in their system, they favorably tell their students to allot 3 months for finding a full-time job after graduation. Aside from this curriculum system, they also train their students to be technically proficient, independent, and practice effective communication to prepare them better for the workplace.

  • Cost: $16,920, offers financing
  • Experience required: Beginner with some experience, leaning towards intermediate
  • Technologies covered: JavaScript, AngularJS, React, jQuery, SQL, Node.js
  • Duration: 13-weeks, 64+ hours a week
  • Job placement: Offers interview preparation and alumni support


coding bootcamps in los angeles

While the number of coding bootcamps has been increasing over the years, many are also fighting for survival from stricter government regulations. But Sabio is possibly one of the few bootcamps that’s federally and state approved, which means they’re also able to give students access to federal grants and loans. As for the actual program, they offer training for two stacks, ASP.Net and Node.js. Both stacks require 8–6 weeks of pre-work, 12 weeks of intense training, and an additional 4 weeks of career onboarding where students will be introduced to hiring managers and recruiters.

  • Cost: $14,450, offers financing, grants, and university partnership
  • Experience required: Beginner with some knowledge
  • Technologies covered: Net MVC, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js
  • Duration: 8–6 weeks of pre-work; 12 weeks immersive training, 5 days a week, from 9AM to 7PM; & 4 weeks career onboarding period
  • Job placement: Offers interview preparation and alumni support

The Coding Boot Camp at UCLA Extension

coding bootcamps in los angeles

There is obviously a demand for coding bootcamps, and universities like UCLA have also jumped in on this growing tech trend. For 24 weeks, students will learn full-stack web development where they will receive an award of completion from UCLA Extension at the end of the program. Devoting 6 months to train may seem like a long time for some, but the Coding Boot Camp at UCLA is designed for working professionals who are actively pursuing a career change or advancement.

  • Cost: $9,500
  • Experience required: Beginner
  • Technologies covered: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Node.js, React, Heroku, MongoDB, MySQL, Laravel
  • Duration: 24 weeks, 250 hours total
  • Job placement: Offers career planning assistance


A career-based decision is always tricky, whether it’s for career advancement or you want to get into an industry you have no prior experience of. What coding bootcamps offer are a chance for programming newbies to get the training they need and make them hirable for both big and small companies. In fact, we recently talked to Haseed, where he went from attending a coding bootcamp to negotiating a $250,000 compensation package at Airbnb.

While deciding which coding bootcamp is right for you, you also have to look into other factors such as your budget, schedule, interests, and commitment. First you have to understand your own preferences, perhaps online coding course options will work for you better? Are there things these bootcamps are not telling me that I need to know? And once you’re in, do you really know how to survive an immersive coding bootcamp?

Picking the right school is one thing, but understanding your preferences will only work to improve your chances of getting a job as a bootcamp graduate. Find one that will not only be beneficial to your career, but something that will contribute to your overall growth as well.

Keep us updated with coding bootcamps in Los Angeles and share your experiences in the comments section!

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