Write on Codementor: Guidelines

Published Jan 13, 2017Last updated Jan 26, 2017
Write on Codementor: Guidelines

Our community of developers loves to write original tutorials, developer stories, insights, guides, tips, videos, or anything useful for developers (beginners or experienced) to learn from. Here are some ideas on the type of posts developers love and the technologies we want to read about.

Start sharing your programming and design ideas by checking out the guide below:

How to turn your ideas into awesome posts

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πŸ“ Original work

We only accept original work. You can cross-post from your own blog. As long as you wrote it, it’s okay. We take plagiarism seriously!

πŸ‘» Show your personality

Be funny, witty, or serious β€” readers love to get to know you through your writing. We also encourage you to interact with your readers in the comments section.

πŸ’― Stay on point β€” be clear and relevant

Programming is hard to learn so try to make it easier for everyone. Make it understandable, and only include what is needed. Never post spam!

⬇️ Markdown only

We currently only support Markdown in our editor. See our Markdown Cheat Sheet for the specific Markdown syntax we support.

⌨ Code

Always use accurate and well-commented code. We also recommend using backticks to make in-line code more obvious.

We encourage adding images, screenshots, gifs, and links to references and repos. Don’t forget to attribute accordingly if you lifted text or images from another source.

πŸ”– Tagging

We suggest adding at least 2–3 tags (maximum of 5) to your post. Your posts will be recommended to users based on the tags you include, so feel free to add both specific and more general ones.

✏️ Grammar, spelling, and capitalization

Be mindful of your grammar! Pro tip: we personally use tools like Grammarly and Hemingway App to help speed up our editing process. We also strongly encourage you to use the official spelling and capitalization for languages/frameworks. Some examples:

AngularJS, Node.js, AJAX, JavaScript, nano, iOS, GitHub, etc.

We can also help review your post for grammar, spelling, and structure!

That's it! Now go and write your posts!

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If you have questions about writing on Codementor, we’d love to hear from you!

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