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Coding Bootcamps in Austin

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coding bootcamps in austin

One of the cities poised to be the next Silicon Valley is Austin in Texas. With a strong tech community and a growing number of entrepreneurs flocking to Austin, the Austin Technology Council expects over 11,000 new tech jobs will be created over the next few years. As the tech industry leads Austin’s jobs boom, coding bootcamps in Austin are creating opportunities for more people to be part of this growing scene.

The recently published 2016 Coding Bootcamp study by CourseReport identified Texas as the US state with the second-most coding bootcamps with 18, and California is the only state ahead of it with 28. In terms of US cities, Austin is the fifth US city with the most coding bootcamps, led by San Francisco, New York City, Seattle, and Chicago, respectively.

With so many options available, those who wish to land a programming job can get the training they need with coding bootcamps. And although each coding bootcamps is different from each other, students will always get intensive, hands-on programming training that will help prepare them to be a junior developer.

As you consider your goals, budget, and schedule wisely, let this list of coding bootcamps in Austin guide you better when choosing which training will work for you best.

List of coding bootcamps in Austin

1. Dev Bootcamp Austin

coding bootcamps in austin





Whether you choose to do the bootcamp remotely or on-site, Dev Bootcamp Austin promises to make both ways immersive. Learners will study concepts and problems focused on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ruby for 9 to 15 weeks to prepare them for a job as a junior developer after the program.

One unique feature of Dev Bootcamp Austin is that they allow students to repeat a three-week section for free if students need more time to learn beyond the scheduled 9-week program. In terms of career support, Dev Bootcamp Austin dedicates an entire week to prepare students to look for jobs.

  • Cost: $12,700. Offers diversity tuition discount, student loans, and payment plans
  • Experience required: Beginner, intermediate
  • Technologies covered: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL
  • Duration: 9 to 19 weeks. 15–25 hours for remote training; 12 hours a day, 6 days a week for on-site immersion
  • Job placement: Offers career support

2. General Assembly (Austin)

coding bootcamps in austin





From full-time web development, UX Design, and data science courses; to digital marketing, product management, visual design, front-end web development, data analysis, and loads of other part-time courses to choose from; General Assembly has one of the most diverse course offerings in one school.

Each program will equip students with new skills that are developed from the fundamentals, up to more advanced projects; including a portfolio project that students can use to help them in their eventual job search. Every step of the way is collaborative and intensive, as experts from various tech companies who are chock-full of professional experience in the field will guide the students in their learning.

  • Cost: $13,500. Offers student loans
  • Experience required: Beginner, intermediate
  • Technologies covered: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails
  • Duration: 8-week to 12-week all-day full-time, part-time, evening and weekend programs
  • Job placement: Offers professional development training

3. Austin Coding Academy

coding bootcamps in austin








Austin Coding Academy is an affordable and convenient option for people with no coding background to get into tech. All their classes are scheduled twice a week at night, making it perfect for people who have day-jobs but still want to learn programming professionally. It’s one of the more economical options, too, with only a $2,490 price tag. It’s really meant for people who have prior commitments and can’t just drop everything to go to a coding bootcamp.

  • Cost: $2,490 for individual courses. $7,470 for full-track training, offers financial assistance
  • Experience required: Has options for Beginners, intermediate, and advanced developers
  • Technologies covered: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Git/Github, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js
  • Duration: 10-week courses; meets twice a week in the evenings
  • Job placement: Offers exit consultation

4. Galvanize

coding bootcamps in austin




Galvanize is a little on the high side in terms of cost but they offer one of the most intensive courses around. On their Austin campus, they only offer two bootcamps, a 6-month web development program, and a 3-month data science program, both of which are immersive. All programs culminate in ‘Hiring Day’, where Galvanize lets students meet and present their projects to potential employers for a chance at employment on the spot.

  • Cost: $21,000 for Web Development, $16,000 for Data Science. Offers scholarships, and tuition assistance
  • Experience required: Beginner, intermediate, advanced
  • Technologies covered: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Node, Express, SQL, Angular, Python, Data Science
  • Duration: 24 weeks and 12 weeks, 40+ hours per week
  • Job placement: Provides career preparation

5. MakerSquare

coding bootcamps in austin




With pre-course work before the actual program begins, meticulously planned daily schedule, expert instructors, and top-notch facilities, MakerSquare offers a highly conducive learning environment for their students. Matched, nonetheless, with high-intensity sessions each time. This is the quality of learning students will get from MakerSquare, if they get accepted in the program, that is.

  • Cost: $16,920, offers financing
  • Experience required: Beginner with some experience, leaning towards intermediate
  • Technologies covered: JavaScript, AngularJS, React.js, jQuery, SQL, Node.js
  • Duration: 13-weeks, 64+ hours a week
  • Job placement: Offers interview preparation and alumni support

6. The Iron Yard

coding bootcamps in austin







With more than 20 campuses across the United States and one in London, The Iron Yard is one of the more popular bootcamps in this list. In their Austin campus, they offer two 12-week courses one for design and another for front-end engineering. The former focuses on UI Design while the latter is oriented in JavaScript and MVC Frameworks. They also offer free classes for kids in all their campuses, including in Austin.

The Iron Yard also gives students access to real-world experience with on-site tours, guest speakers, and job readiness lectures.

  • Cost: $12,000
  • Experience required: Beginner
  • Technologies covered: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Angular, React, Node.js, Express, React
  • Duration: Ranges from 12 weeks, 60+ hours per week
  • Job placement: Offers career support

7. Coding Boot Camp at UT Austin

coding bootcamps in austin



If you are looking for a part-time web development bootcamp, then the coding bootcamp at UT Austin is perfect for you. The program is designed for working professionals who are actively pursuing a career in programming, whether as a junior developer or for career advancement. Students will be immersed with many coding projects and before the program ends, students will be given career coaching for finding a job after the bootcamp.

  • Cost: $8,500
  • Experience required: Beginner
  • Some technologies covered: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, FTP, jQuery, Node.js, ActiveRecord, Git, CodeIgniter, Laravel, WordPress
  • Duration: 24 weeks, 20–30 hours per week
  • Job placement: Provides students access to career coaching, recruitment support, and hiring partners

8. The New York Code + Design Academy

coding bootcamps in austin





The New York Code + Design Academy’s curriculum is designed to take students from beginner to junior full-stack developer in three to four months, for full-time and part-time courses, respectively. Students will have the experience to build their own web and mobile apps, as well as learn important soft-skills like interviewing and teamwork.

The classes are small and instructors are known to be very supportive, which should make it encouraging for students to complete their intense programs.

  • Cost: $2,250–3,350 for part-time courses; $10,000 for full-time course. Offers payment plans and assistance
  • Experience required: Beginner
  • Technologies covered: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby
  • Duration: 12 weeks full-time, 40+ hours per week; 16 weeks part-time, 6+ hours per week
  • Job placement: Provides career services

9. Coder Camps

coding bootcamps in austin



Coder Camps have campuses across the US, and for their campus in Austin, they offer full-stack Javascript (using MEAN stack) bootcamp. The curriculum provides students a “real-world development shop” or weekly workshops, that will include one for job readiness. At the end of the bootcamp, students are expected to build a functional app that they include in their portfolio.

  • Cost: $11,900; offers financing
  • Experience required: Beginner
  • Technologies covered: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, Node.js
  • Duration: 9 weeks; 80+ hours per week
  • Job placement: Offers individualized career assistance

As Austin continues to be one of the fastest growing tech scene in the US, more tech-related jobs will be available for more people. And if you don’t have a computer science degree, attending coding bootcamps is one option to take if you want to have a career in programming. Plus, the music and food scene isn’t so bad either, so if you’re here, might as well be part of the entire Austin experience. But don’t forget to consider your priorities first before jumping in the whole Austin bootcamp experience, after all, there are more than one way to learn how to code.

Any bootcamps or details we missed in this Austin list? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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