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Write for Us

Codementor is working to build a comprehensive collection of technical articles and tutorials as a knowledge base for the developer community.

Do you have an existing blog with comprehensive tutorials? Would you like to write a new tutorial for any technical topic?

Why You Should Write for Us

Whether you’re a programmer who wants to brand yourself or you’re looking to become an expert mentor on our site and want to attract more clients, this will be a perfect opportunity to do so. We’ll be promoting your articles in our social accounts and newsletter. Feel free to include any links to your personal blog, book, or company at the end of your tutorial.

What We’re Looking For

You can shoot us your own tutorial idea for us to evaluate, but if you need some pointers, we’re especially interested in:

  • Self-contained step-by-step guides to building a demo component (example)
  • Getting started with a language through a sample app
  • Recent or not well-documented coding practices
  • New technologies (example)

In general, lots of code examples and ideally some pictures would be best.

How to Submit

If you’re not a mentor on our site, simply send us an email and provide the following information:

  • A short intro of yourself and your expertise / experience
  • Any links to your personal site, blog, or examples of your technical writing
  • Links to your StackOverflow account and Github account
  • An outline of your tutorial idea, or if you don’t have one in mind, feel free to let us know what your expertise is and we’ll try to assign you a topic

Additional Info:

  • Codementor prefers original tutorials. However, if you’d like to let us promote/republish a tutorial you’ve written before in your own blog, feel free to get in contact with us.
  • Your article may be edited before it is published.
  • You don’t have to be a mentor on our site to become a tutorial contributor.