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Make it Pretty! Doesn’t sound too hard, right?

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This is the 3rd week of Amanda’s coding journey as she pairs with a mentor to learn Python & Django. Amanda is participating in Codementor’s Featured Star program, where she will be coached by a dedicated mentor to bolster her understanding of programming concepts and become a better entrepreneur.


This past weekend Jess had me working on CSS to make my project look less like jumbled data.  In it’s raw form, it now displays the 10 restaurant deals in a neighborhood based on a user’s search query.  It works!  But it was ugly.

I’m a product person, my apps have to provide the user a great experience and they better be gorgeous and speedy.  Check out the Sportsy iOS app.  It’s clean, pretty and fast.  I could go on endlessly as I’m proud of our product and all its optimized flows.  Our team has worked really hard to get there.  So… This is my week!  Right?

What I didn’t realize is making the awesome designs I have in my head appear on the screen is hard!  My project now displays search results near my location and looks ‘Ok’.  This week felt easier for me than coding the actual application, but I definitely had to settle for ‘good enough’ and not optimized for best funnel performance or most visually appealing UI.  It’s my very first project.  I’ll get there!

I used Bootstrap to speed up the process.  I now have a pretty search button, a sticky navigation and nice looking results.  I’d love to spend more time on this to make it better.  Adding maps, better data and pagination would improve the experience.  I ran out of time this weekend and will spend more effort on it!

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