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Martijn Pieters on the Future of Django

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Martijn Pieters, Stack Overflow Python Legend

Codementor Python expert and Stack Overflow legend Martijn Pieters joined us for an Office Hour session, and he dedicated some time to answer some of our viewers questions. With the rise of Ruby on Rail’s popularity in development, one of the viewers asked Martijn about his thoughts on the future of Django in web development and other system tools.

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I’m a web developer myself, and that’s a large focus on what I do, and I have always been strong in that. I started in Zope, which was a pioneer in its age, and I think Python is still pioneering many things in web development today.

In the meantime, the scientific community has really taken Python into its heart, making some fantastic tools such as SciPy, NumPy, and Pandas. These all capitalize on Python’s ease of use and dynamic nature to explore data sets, which allows these tools to do some great science. Recently, in universities, Python has taken over java as the number one learning language, so we’ll see a lot more of Python in the future as long as it finds new places to play its strengths—the ability to let people write readable code and to rapidly evolve the code. Therefore, Python is sure to earn a place in more areas that I can’t foresee.

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Martijn Pieters

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Martijn Pieters
Martijn Pieters
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