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Martijn Pieters

Martijn Pieters

I'm no longer available for mentoring, sorry!

London (+00:00)
Dutch, English
Python expert help Python - 15 years experience
I've worked with Python since version 1.4, focusing mostly on web platforms. I worked with the Python Labs team at Zope Corporation (including Guido van Rossum and Tim Peters), where we worked on the revolutionary Zope platform. Currently I am the top answerer of Python questions on Stack Overflow, holding the top answerer spot on the Python, tag as well as the Python-2.7 and Python-3.x tags.
Flask expert help Flask - 2 years experience
I've built several Flask sites for large-scale clients, mostly deployed to the Google App Engine.

I'm the #1 Stack Overflow Python answerer of all-time. Ask Me Anything!

My name is Martijn Pieters. I've been coding in Python for almost 20 years and I'm the #1 Python answerer on Stack Overflow of all-time. I was also just elected as a moderator in the 2015 Stack...

collective.transmogrifier 12   13
A configurable pipeline, aimed at transforming content for import and export
setuptools_subversion 5   5
Setuptools revision control system plugin for Subversion
rtfunicode 4   1
Encoder for unicode to RTF 1.5 command sequences
plone.app.celery 4   0
Cerely integration for Plone
mjpieters.github.com 3   1
Personal homepage, GitHub style
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I was having a complex challenge in my Python web app, that got me stuck for 2 days. I initiated a session with Martijn then. He found where and why things did not work, fixed the code, and help me understand it, all within 30 minutes. Very knowledgable and fast. Will use again.
Philippe Oct 21, 2015

The mentoring was great but the call was terrible. I'm using Debian (GNU-Linux)
rsm Jul 01, 2015

Great Session! Has helped my answer all my questions and more. Looking forward to next time!
Markus May 09, 2015

Martijn's tenacity to help superseded fiscal contexts in his outreach to assist a question posted on a free-forum. Often these open forums exhibit answers or responses minimal in their conclusive assistance, yet in this circumstance Martijn persisted in providing options, ideas, and outside resources to find a solution. To notch mentoring!
Joe Krienert Mar 25, 2015

positively brilliant.
miguel sanchez Jan 27, 2015

Fantastic, really useful in confirming what was needed.
Steve Jan 03, 2015

Excellent session, very clear and knowledgeable. He helped me solve a particularly hard problem with regular expressions I had, and I also learned and understood how it worked in the process
Pablo Ambram Nov 15, 2014

I learned more in an hour than I could studying weeks on my own. Martijn is brilliant and patient.
miguel sanchez Oct 24, 2014

Very fast, very efficient session with Mr. Pieters. He solved my problem and it was explained very well. I would recommend.
Casey Sep 13, 2014

Very knowledgeable. Very helpful. Works quickly and identified my issue within first few minutes. Highly recommend.
Drex Davis Aug 19, 2014

From the stance of a novice program hungry for knowledge, I can easily say I left this short mentor session satisfied. It seemed as though this mentor was able to quickly to asses my level of skill and appropriate his descriptions and guidance to best convey solutions to what was sought. Through which, much progress was made in only a short amount of time with respect to actual repairing of coding, and as well broadening my understanding of concepts associated with the Python language. I highly recommend this mentor for Python programming assistance. Hats off to Martijn Pieters! Cheers, J.M.K.
Joe Krienert Aug 07, 2014

Provided a good overview of options to get my project started
Michael Aug 05, 2014

Truly expert knowledge of python, webapp2, JSON and javascript. Quickly got my problem sorted and offered an abundance of additional helpful knowledge.
Max Nelson Jul 16, 2014