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Famo.us is an open source JavaScript framework that helps you create smooth, complex UIs for any screen. Famo.us is the only JavaScript framework that includes an open source 3D layout engine fully integrated with a 3D physics animation engine that can render to DOM, Canvas, or WebGL.

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The tools you need to build Famo.us apps and sites will always be free and available to everyone. If you're new to JavaScript development, we have lots of learning resources to help you get started. If you're more experienced, you can download Famo.us to start coding locally. When you need help, Codementor has top Famo.us mentor experts here to provide 1:1 live support.

Learning Famo.us Codementor Stats

  • Growing pool of Famo.us experts vetted by the Famo.us team
  • Famo.us experts on Codementor can help you with the Famo.us Render Tree, animation, transition, events, and assist you with common pitfalls and performance issues.
John Traver I have been using Famo.us professionally since it's release. I am the top answerer of Famo.us questions on StackOverflow. I have many years experience building custom UI in objective-C, Javascript...

J.L Have been using famo.us since private beta. Delivered enterprise solution using famo.us. Organizing local Famo.us meetup.

Alex Hawkins I have a good amount of experience with famo.us 0.3 and have built several mobile apps with it. React Native + Famo.us is pretty powerful.