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Antonio Grimaldo

Antonio Grimaldo

Mexico City (-06:00)
Spanish, English
Im a technology passionate. I code on my free time and currently I'm working as an iOS developer. I have assisted to Mobile Makers and Hack Reactor so two languages that I know really well are Javascript and Objective-C/Swift
Ios expert help iOS - 1 year experience
I currently work developing apps. I learned iOS one year ago at Mobile Makers and recently I participated on a project building a swift app called 'Should I Run'.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 1 year experience
Aside from iOS this is my other main language, I have used javascript in different projects both on back and front end.
Node js expert help Node.js - 1 year experience
Node.js is my preferred backend tool for making powerful and fast servers, currently using express.js as my main framework
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 1 year experience
Worked in several projects as front end developer, mainly using ui-router and defining the structure of the apps
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 1 year experience
On all my projects i have use html and css, I'm currently learning stylus to make my css making more efficient
Git expert help Git - 1 year experience
I have worked in small teams 3-5. I have leveraged both rebase and merge git workflows.
Famous expert help Famo.us - 1 year experience
Currently working on famo.us developing layouts and components to make mobile development on famo.us easier
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Worked out great, helped me finish my project.
Virginia Sep 19, 2014

Antonio was able to help me successfully review options to package an html/css/js into a native app and consider the technical implications. He also helped me troubleshoot a hybrid codebase of ObjC and Javascript. I'm looking forward to work with Antonio again.
Oscar Sep 17, 2014

Antonio was excellent, he quickly understood the different underlying technologies at hand, was able to grasp the existing code base and build solutions on top of it. He also offered different alternatives to extend current functionality that I had not thought about. Antonio is concise, patient and great to work with. I would definitely work with him again. Highly recommended.
Oscar Sep 15, 2014