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We're working to build a comprehensive collection of insights and technical articles for the developer community. Whether you're an expert programmer or a code newbie, we welcome you to share original tutorials, insights, guides, tips, or anything useful for the community to learn from.

Why You'll Love Writing on Codementor

Here are just a few reasons why you'll love writing and publishing on Codementor:

  • Developer-friendly editor — no distractions!
  • Easy and fast drafting with support for Markdown and code blocks
  • Built-in audience of developers
  • Feedback from readers through comments, stars, and follows
  • Grammar and SEO review by our editors

What Our Community Loves to Read

Our community loves to read development insights, design ideas, and useful technical tutorials. Some types of posts our community enjoy reading are:

  • Informed opinions and expert insights (Example)
  • Experience-based learnings and stories (Example)
  • Technical "How-to", "Step-by-step", or "Getting Started" guides (Example)
  • Tips and tricks, best practices, and cheat sheets (Example)

All programming and software development topics are welcome! Posts related to trending or new technologies, learning hacks, and career advice tend to also do well.