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Sergey Zyablitsky

Sergey Zyablitsky

CTO, Co-founder – LifeGame

Vladivostok (+10:00)
Russian, English
I'm a software engineer and serial entrepreneur with deep knowledge of software design and development. I love to teach and always happy to help you with your projects.
stackoverflow 22   13
StackOverflow clone
CSS Ruby Shell JavaScript CoffeeScript
bootstrap-notify-gem 0   1
This is a rails gem that includes the bootstrap-notify styles.
CSS Ruby
bxslider-rails 0   1
The bxslider-rails is a gem with bxSlider (jQuery HTML Content Slider), ready to play with Rails.
constructor 0   1
Constructor – an open source Ruby on Rails content management system for Rails 4.
CSS HTML Ruby JavaScript CoffeeScript
bootstrap-tagsinput-rails 0   0
To gemify the assets of `bootstrap-tagsinput` jQuery plugin for Rails >= 3.1
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Fantastic mentor! Issue resolved and explained clearly and in a timely manner. Very knowledgeable and easy to talk to and ask questions of. Thanks!
Justin Davidson Feb 20, 2016

Showed me I was overcomplicating the question. Helpful.
Roger Coryell Feb 18, 2016

Very helpful, fast and knowledgeable.
Charles Voltron Feb 16, 2016

Great help, super helpful & patient & a problem I'd had for days was solved in minutes! a Great mentor, highly recommend!
Tamara Frankel Feb 16, 2016

Sergey is amazing!!! I highly recommend him! He is always ready, smart, super professional, patient, and explains the concepts really well. Will definitely use his services again!
Lin Z Feb 14, 2016

A+++ Excellent!! Very good at explaining and very professional! Will definitely use again. Highly recommend.
Lin Z Feb 09, 2016

Awesommmme. Explains very simply. Pleasure to work with
Arjun Jan 20, 2016

I really enjoy having the opportunity to work with experts at a moment's notice. Extremely helpful, will talk again!
Jason Breitwieser Jan 12, 2016

Very resolutive and professional, will surely contact him again
Alex Gardel Jan 12, 2016

Excellent work, helped me understand my challenge in short order.
Jason Breitwieser Jan 09, 2016

Excellent help with my Ruby challenges.
Jason Breitwieser Jan 09, 2016

Sergey helped me out through the chat, which worked very well. He was very responsive and direct.
Peter Boomsma Jan 05, 2016

Very knowledgeable of Rails and React. Knows the pattern very well. I would use it again!!!
Rafael Flores Dec 30, 2015