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Luís Ferreira

Luís Ferreira

Profissional Developer and university professor

Lisbon (+00:00)
Portuguese, Spanish, English
I've been developing web applications for some years now, mostly using Ruby and Ruby on Rails. On top of that I have taught web technologies to hundreds of people, through workshops, bootcamps and university classes.

I'll create a base rails app that has some of the most widely used gems and configuration done for testing with RSpec and Capybara.

I will build a chat app without any styling, but with authentication and multiple rooms the users can talk at.

We will go over your pains with git and working with it by yourself or as a team, and how you can overcome your fears and embrace git as the awesome tool it is.

I will integrate your app with Stripe checkout, using Stripe.js so that the credit card info never touches your server. I will create a form for the info, or add to an existing one, that people can use to pay you for something with a specified price. Alternative: Use the form to create a subscription to one plan.

3 Ruby
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 5 years experience
I have worked professionally on Rails for a few years, and have taught multiple courses (including in Universities) on the subject.
Ruby expert help Ruby - 5 years experience
Most of my professional work has been on Ruby and Ruby on Rails, from startups all around the world to big multinationals, I've done a bit of everything. I also teach Ruby professionally in many workshops and University courses.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 5 years experience
Being a professional web developer means that you have to know HTML and CSS. I've done a lot of both. I enjoy HTML particularly in what regards to accessibility.
No icon CSS - 5 years experience
I've written a lot of CSS in the past year for a lot of companies (including Fortune 100 ones), and am particularly fond of the SUIT CSS framework and flexbox.
Git expert help Git - 7 years experience
I simply love Git. Probably my favourite software of all time. On my free time I enjoy reading its man pages, and delve into it's most quirky details. Also have taught this professionally for more than 2 years now.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 5 years experience
A must for any web developer, JavaScript is my second language right after Ruby. It's a very strange and quirky language that makes it very easy to enter some of its pitfalls, I can help you get out of some of them.
No icon Shell - 10 years experience
The greatest tool of a developer, I use it for ours on end every day, and make it my purpose to get better and more productive with it every time I use it.
No icon Crystal - 1 year experience
A very recent and exciting language, that is similar to Ruby but much faster. I'm a regular contributor to the language and have given talks on international conferences about it. http://confreaks.tv/videos/eurucamp2015-crystal-the-programming-language
crystalshards 31   9
A listing of all crystal shards
CSS Crystal JavaScript
tomlex 19   5
A TOML parser for elixir
Shell Elixir
heroku-buildpack-crystal 18   12
Heroku buildpack for Crystal
github-nice-guy 9   1
citygate 8   2
User management and authentication engine.
Ruby JavaScript
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Makes it fun. He not only helped with my task, but helped me understand what he was doing so I could better help myself in our next session or on my own going forward. Highly recommend zamith!
Michael Bateman Jun 20, 2016

I had been trying for days to solve the problem by doing something irrelevant and he noticed the basic problem just like a snap. I'm very satisfied with the session with him.
hiroki hokari Jun 08, 2016

He helped me out when I really needed it! Great job and I got the result I wanted! Also verry informative. I am new in CSS but I understood everything.
Sindre Olsson May 30, 2016

Luiz is very efficient. We were able to dive in the code straight away and got some Rspec test passed very quickly.
Michael Cho May 30, 2016

Luis was very helpful in walking through some very complex code with me and explaining how to improve it. While it was a large app, he very quickly was able to understand what was going on and was able to not only explain the possible decisions behind the way it was architected, but also best practices to improve it.
Leah May 03, 2016

long-term mentoring
Ron Jan 14, 2016

very helpful to fix some Rails assets
Ron Dec 10, 2015

quick to solve bugs and explain solutions very well
Ron Nov 12, 2015

got it done in a short time!
Daniel Oct 05, 2015

great mentor - got right into it!
josh Sep 09, 2015

Nothing but awesome.. I struggle for 2 hours and Luis fixes it in 10 minutes!
Todd Trimakas Sep 06, 2015

Very efficient and effective codementor. More than I dreamed of.
Miriam Sep 05, 2015

Luis was very helpful and listened as I explained where I thought my skill level was and where I felt I needed help with. After a few exercises, he provided his assessment of my abilities (which I felt was constructive) which helped in my understanding of what I needed to concentrate on in building my skills. I highly recommend Luis and will request his help again.
travis Sep 01, 2015

Friendly, informative. Helped me with the issues. Thank you!
Fin Sep 01, 2015

Luis is knowledgeable and can communicate abstract coding concepts and practices in a very clear and thorough manner. He is undoubtedly a great teacher/mentor personality type.
Michael Aug 29, 2015

Answered my questions. And provided the ground to get me started on my app.
Ryan Aug 28, 2015

Very thoughtful and helped get a my problem solved with all tests passing! Efficient and thorough.
josh Aug 28, 2015

max Aug 26, 2015

Nothing but awesome!!!
Todd Trimakas Aug 24, 2015