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Zach Saucier

Zach Saucier

Front-end developer and designer; Writer and speaker on web animations

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (-05:00)
For just about anything front end related, I'm the guy you want and I'd love to help! I've written for CSS Tricks and others, work as a front-end developer, am an international speaker on front end topics, and specialize in web animation and user interaction. I am a Stack Overflow regular who teaches anyone from absolute beginners to people who work in front-end but want to improve their skills.
No icon CSS - 3 years experience
CSS is my specialty. I've written for CSS-Tricks, write CSS tutorials, have spoken about CSS at meetups, have worked as a front-end designer full time, and know the CSS specs well.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 3 years experience
I know nearly all the tricks and "gotcha's" of CSS and write semantic HTML. I use whatever I need to, whether it be purely CSS and HTML, SVG, or JavaScript, in order to achieve the effect I desire to create. I've used HAML, SCSS, Bootstrap, Foundation, and several other frameworks and pre-processors to enhance my capabilities and efficiency as a developer. I've written a couple of CSS-Tricks articles on the subject of CSS animation and write about it on my personal blog as well.
No icon Responsive design - 3 years experience
All the websites I make are responsive. I've written a lot on the subject and preach responsive design to all designers and developers. A mobile-first approach is a must to make the development process easier to make cross platforms.
No icon Web animation - 3 years experience
I love making the web animated and interactive. Creating responsive animations and interactions is perhaps my favorite thing to do on the web. I've written articles on CSS-Tricks on web animation and have created hundreds, of web animations using SVG, CSS3, and various JavaScript libraries like GSAP and Velocity.js.
No icon Front end development - 3 years experience
I have worked full time as a front-end developer for an agency and now work part time in the area. I specialize in front-end, ranging from styling and laying out web pages to developing online applications and tools. As mentioned, I really enjoy improving user interaction and experience especially through the use of transitions/animations, though I have experience in most all front-end related activities.
No icon Sass - 2 years experience
I've used SCSS for a while now, both on personal projects as well as every day on my day job. I love how using SCSS can increase my speed and modularity of my CSS.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 3 years experience
I love the freedom that JavaScript allows. Though I'm not a master at all thing JS, I use it daily and really enjoy debugging it. I have learned to use libraries like GSAP and Velocity in order to try and make creating animations easier and perform better.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 3 years experience
When I started programming jQuery was close to being necessary. I use it a lot less these days, but I used it in a professional setting for years ever since I starting programming. I particularly know the strengths and shortcomings of jQuery when it comes to animation.
No icon Gsap - 2 years experience
I've made a couple projects using GSAP and talk regularly with the GSAP creators, Jack and Carl. It's a lovely and versatile library that I use on any projects with large amounts of animation.
No icon Velocity.js - 2 years experience
Julian, the creator, reached out to me because of my animation experience before the library was released to ask if I would create a demo using Velocity. I was happy to oblige and have continued to watch the library since and use it on occasion.
No icon Public speaking - 2 years experience
I've given talks at local developer and design meetups, presentations at companies I've worked at, and spoken at Front-Trends in Warsaw, Poland.
No icon Haml - 1 year experience
I used HAML for around a year before switching to Jade for HTML pre-processors.
No icon Markdown - 2 years experience
I'm used Markdown extensively on forum websites like the StackExchange network and also use it for my personal blog.
No icon Jade - 1 year experience
Jade is my favorite HTML pre-processor and the one I use the most on my recent projects
Wordpress WordPress - 2 years experience
Like many developers, WordPress was the first platform I started building websites on. Several of my websites have been built on WordPress throughout my career, but it is becoming less and less often. Most of my WP experience deals with the front-end side - styling themes and plugins - but I have some limited experience on the back-end as well.
Asset-Loading-Effects 64   4
Loading effects for assets including some built in animated reveals
CSS JavaScript
Just-Read 45   8
A customizable read mode extension for Chrome - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/just-read/dgmanlpmmkibanfdgjocnabmcaclkmod
CSS HTML JavaScript
click-based-rotation 16   0
Rotate an element depending on the click location
github-calendar-customizer 10   0
A GUI to make customizing one's GitHub contribution calendar easier http://codepen.io/Zeaklous/full/PzVRBy/
CSS HTML JavaScript
FP-Velocity-Demo 4   1
Demo for the Velocity.js release
CSS JavaScript
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Zach was great -- very patient and helped me solve the issue quickly.
John Balladares Jun 07, 2016

Zach was very helpful and patient, and was thorough in making sure I understood the process. Thanks Zach!
Jack Lemon Feb 23, 2016

Adobe AEM didnt work properly.. wish it worked.. :(
Steve Jan 18, 2016

Knowledgable, helpful, positive. Good mentor!
Sean Oct 16, 2015

Really informative, great teacher, super knowledgeable. Will definitely pair with him again. Thank you!
Michael Merrill Sep 28, 2015

Zach is starlight forward and helpful.
Sebastian Angelo-Perez Sep 13, 2015

Great to work with! Really helpful!
Wahiba Sep 11, 2015

Was a great help and an absolute pleasure to work with!
Wahiba Sep 10, 2015

Very helpful and just didn't fix the problem but helped me understand what the problem was and how to solve so I would be able to do on my own in the future!
Jonathan Aug 26, 2015

Glad we found you Zach! Thank you for your help on this project. Site looks great!
Robert Aug 05, 2015

Very quick to identify the problem. Excellent at explaining things. He didn't just solve my problem, he taught me why it was happening.
Gemma Jul 31, 2015

Really good!
Eva May 26, 2015

Helped on short notice to solve my problem
tsj2345 May 22, 2015

Zach took time off during a vacation to help out! Problem sorted in no time. Clearly very knowledgable.
Edward May 14, 2015

Great advice!
Joel Walsh Apr 23, 2015

Patient and knowledgeable. Broke down and stepped through so I understood what was going on.
Jason V. Apr 19, 2015

Zach was able to solve my problem in a very expeditious manner, and was a pleasure to work with!
Stephen Young Mar 29, 2015

Thanks a lot Zach. The session was extremely helpful. I was not sure about a lot of things and you helped me get clarity on those and explained why a specific approach would be better. If anyone has any front end related doubts, Zach is your guy. Thanks again
Nitish Mar 28, 2015

Zach was very helpful and knowledgeable - excellent mentor to work with.
James Mar 08, 2015

Nice work. Structured and methodical.
Eliam Medina Mar 08, 2015

Awesome mentor... p.s: this is my second review :)
Steve Feb 18, 2015

Bryce Feb 17, 2015

Zach has been helping me for a little while now and it's always been a pleasure working with him. He is efficient, helpful and very knowledgeable in css, jquery and html.
Océane Feb 15, 2015

Zach solved my issue in 10 minutes, but 5 of them were due to bad call quality. I will definitely come to him for help with CSS stuff.
André Alçada Padez Feb 01, 2015

Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I will be working with him again in the near future. Has a great workflow.
Basileo Jan 13, 2015

Helped fix some css issues with my new project; good to work with.
Michael Jan 08, 2015

Knows css in depth!
Steve Dec 09, 2014

Mentor was friendly and polite. Easy to work with and use as a sounding board. Will work again if the need arises.
Nick DeMaster Dec 05, 2014

Zach has been very helpful. I look forward to working with him again!
Phil Warton Dec 03, 2014

I gave an average review last time, but this session went great. Professional, easy to work with, and honest. I'll use his services again.
Josiah Sep 13, 2014

Second time I worked with Zach and it was, again, a great experience. Got my issue solved and it was a nice experience. I will use his services again, no doubt, and I can recommend him without hesitation.
Adrian Sep 11, 2014

Zach was very patient and helped clarify my errant coding. I was quite satisfied and will work with him again in the near future.
avigreenhut Sep 01, 2014

Great help with CSS/SCSS
Michael Aug 22, 2014

He knew his stuff and helped me fix my problem, but was in a loud public space which made communication very difficult
Josiah Aug 21, 2014

Great help with Sass, CSS and styling issues
Michael Aug 08, 2014

Fantastic Mentor!, very knowledgeable and I felt he really respected my time and was eager to help. Which he did. Beyond my expectations, will definitely use again.
bishop Jul 10, 2014

Very helpful and also with good "teaching" skills. I will definitely use his services again.
Adrian Jul 02, 2014