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Yuriy Linnyk

Yuriy Linnyk

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14+ years, Full-stack Javascript Developer. I enjoy explaining basics patiently, or move to advanced topics in my expertise anytime.

Kyiv (+02:00)
★ 50% OFF for beginners - read more... ☺︎ Web development is my life, since 2002. For over decade I'm excited to work on the full stack of web sites and applications. With more focus on Front-end and Javascript full stack in recent years. ---------------✁------------------------- HOW TO GET 50% DISCOUNT If you are beginning your journey into web-development and need help understanding the basics of technologies and tools listed below, then I am happy to offer my encouragement with 50% off my usual rate. The discount doesn't apply to a project work. I'm happy to offer 50% off my usual rate to guide you through the basics of these technologies: - Approaching HTML, CSS, Javascript, building web-pages and understanding all the concepts to make them work well and beautifully - Javascript libraries: jQuery, Underscore - Javascript frameworks: Backbone, React - Backend Javascript with Node.js and Express.js - CSS Frameworks: Bootstrap, Bulma - CSS Tooling: SASS, Stylus - Web-dev tools basics: npm, gulp, browserify, require.js - Web-dev concepts, such as AJAX - Command line basics and Git - Basics of hosting your static website for free - Using template engines such as Handlebars - Creating website with Jekyll and host on Github - Basics of automated Javascript testing To get the discount: - Write in the chat and let me know that you are eligible for a discount - Be nice, positive and respectful - The discount doesn't apply to a project work ---------------✃------------------------- Over the years, I have: - Developed hundreds of HTML/CSS/JS Mockups (since 2002) - Wrote several large Backbone.js/Marionette.js javascript applications, for web and mobile (since 2010) - Developed Node.js/MongoDB applications - Developed dozens of CakePHP/MySQL applications (2006-2010) - Installed dozens of Wordpress websites - Worked with large data sets and developed social network-like websites - Developed projects with Laravel, Zend Framework - Developed several popular extensions for Textpattern CMS (2006) - Got experience with video and audio production, screen recording I am keen on advanced web-development tools for front-end and back-end development. Git, Chrome DevTools NPM, Browserify, Grunt, Gulp, Bower, Require.js I feel comfortable working on both small and large websites. Jekyll, Bootstrap jQuery, AJAX Preprocessors: SASS, Stylus, CoffeeScript Done a lot of projects in PHP earlier, but switched to more javascript work in recent years. I am a mac guy, and I manage Debian virtual servers for private projects. $$ Money-back guaranteed – just let me know if you're not happy and your money stay with you.

I will explain the basics of how to set up and run a Node.js website or web-application, with use of Express. * Node + NPM installation * Setting up a project with `npm init` * Route callbacks * Answers to any questions you might have at this point. * Timing: 30-40 minutes Additionally we can follow that up with common scenarios, available as add-ons to this gig. If you have any other in mind, feel free to contact me and discuss.

Let's talk about React!

Let's talk about React!

$40 - Live Session

I will demonstrate how to get started with React, and tailor setup to the skills you already have. Just start by doing something with me, and learn how to grow from there. Setting up for learning with or without command line, with or without ES6, creating Components and connecting them together, understanding JSX, using forms and input data, `ref`, taming props and state, rendering lists and using APIs. Creating mockups with CSS libraries, such as Bootstrap or Bulma. Using `react-router` to...

This gig is the most affordable way to learn web-development in a One-on-One video screensharing lesson with an experienced tutor. I've been in web-development for about 15 years, and I'd love to share my knowledge with others. To make it most affordable to students I set out special hours that you can reserve by prepaying this gig. Available for reserving (please confirm availability in the chat): 1pm GMT (9am ET, 6am PT) 3pm GMT (11am ET, 6am PT) If you have any questions, or you would...

62 JavaScript
17 jQuery
16 Node.js
10 React
8 Bootstrap
3 Github
3 Git
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 14 years experience
I started web-development in about 2002 by making literally dozens of HTML mockups for many companies. Over many years HTML/CSS became very known and natural matter to me, and I'll be glad to look at any problem that you might be having with your webpage.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 11 years experience
Javascript is my primary coding language for many years now, which I use for front-end and back-end development. I can help understand basics of Javascript, or help build a whole web app with it.
Reactjs expert help React - 1 year experience
I've been using React since the beginning of 2016 on several projects. I use it everyday now, happy to talk about it, and assist in understanding it. React is awesome for quick prototyping app ideas, esp. in combination with a css framework, like Bootstrap or Bulma.
No icon Firebase - 1 year experience
I use the Firebase javascript API for web applications. I can help understanding how Firebase works and how to host your fully functional web-apps for fun and profit.
Backbone js expert help Backbone.js - 5 years experience
I work with Backbone since 2011, built smaller and larger applications. Used Marionette for larger applications. Check out my getting started article if you're curious about Backbone https://www.codementor.io/backbonejs/tutorial/backbonejs-as-the-next-step-after-jquery
Node js expert help Node.js - 3 years experience
Node.js is impressive in at least speed and the use of the same language that empowers the browser front-end. I worked with companies using Node.js on production, and I use it for my own personal projects.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 9 years experience
I have been using jQuery pretty much since first versions.
No icon Npm - 3 years experience
Task automation makes web-development much more convenient and enjoyable.
Git expert help Git - 7 years experience
Using Git on every project for many years, using the git web workflow to maintain and deploy changes. And GitHub, apart from being the Git hosting, is also a great hosting for some types of websites. Support for Jekyll and Markdown might be just enough tools to host your website for free.
minimal-express-gulp-backbone-marionette-jade 2   0
HTML JavaScript CoffeeScript
express-vhosts-sessions 1   0
Example Express.js + Vhost + Passport.js sessions
HTML JavaScript
marionette-handlebars-boilerplate 1   0
CSS HTML Handlebars JavaScript
node-websocket-pointer 1   0
HTML JavaScript
mediamanager 0   1
CSS HTML Handlebars JavaScript CoffeeScript
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
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Yuriy is awesome. He sees problems quickly and is able to explain and help fix them with best practices.
Wesley Goldsborough Dec 09, 2016

Once agian Yuriy managed to help me quickly and efficiently. 5 stars!
Stefan Henrico Dec 08, 2016

Clearly explained the concepts and was patient
Randy Goldsmith Dec 07, 2016

Incredibly helpful and knowledgeable!
Rob LaFave Dec 07, 2016

Very knowledgeable!
Nick Yeager Dec 05, 2016

Extremely knowledgable and could help me with my problem immediately! Highly recommended!
Stefan Henrico Dec 05, 2016

Great Mentor, always very helpful.
carmine K Dec 04, 2016

Very helpful and clear.

Quick, capable & knowledgable - more importantly to me: able to explain the What and Why!
Ali Dec 02, 2016

Yuriy is a great mentor when it comes to learning how things work together. He listens to your needs and explains everything patiently so you can understand what's going on under the hood. I def recommend him to be your mentor or to solve any issues you have.
miltiadis bouchalakis Dec 01, 2016

Excellent problem solver, fast implementor.
Thomas Engel Nov 30, 2016

Great instructor who gets right to the point. As much as I was all over the place with my questions, Yuriy helped to break down my challenges into solvable components. I do look forward to working with him again!
N Douglas Nov 26, 2016

Excellent as always. Very good problem solver.
Thomas Engel Nov 25, 2016

A great professional with a strong expertise on web dev.
Matteo Nov 24, 2016

Found two subtle bugs in react-bootstrap. I thought I was going crazy -- because I was! Yuri saved the day again.
Mike Weiksner Nov 22, 2016

Just had my first session with Yuriy and had a wonderful experience. He is an excellent coder and teacher. Looking forward to a follow up session with him soon. Thanks Yuriy!
New Coder Nov 22, 2016

He knew a lot of stuff.
shameem fairooz Nov 16, 2016

Another great session. Git. react firebase (data, and file upload). Particularly awesome that you had a ready made example to share for the file upload / firebase. Super helpful. Thank you!!!
Mike Weiksner Nov 15, 2016

Thank you.
Thomas Engel Nov 14, 2016

Excellent work. Fast implementation.
Thomas Engel Nov 14, 2016

Answered all my questions and explained it clearly. Gave lots of great advice. Highly recommended!!!
Rin Nov 13, 2016

Yuriy: Thank you very much - coming with another project as discussed. Thanks again, Thomas.
Thomas Engel Nov 10, 2016

Yuriy was great, quick at finding my bug and explained alternative solutions to resolving it.
Paul Cifaldi Nov 02, 2016

Thanks for the help debugging! You got the problem solved almost immediately.
Kyle Polich Nov 01, 2016

Phenomenal mentor. Thank you!
David Head Oct 26, 2016

Again another valuable session with clear explanation of the code!!! Thank you for such a good lesson!
eva ferenc Oct 24, 2016

Yurie walked me through the code in Backbone and explained it to me step by step with patience and diligence. He's very knowledgeable and willing to help. He explains the concepts of JS clearly. I'm definitely going to use him again to gain a better understanding of the "code". Thank you!!!
eva ferenc Oct 22, 2016

Yuriy never sleeps! He's always there to help fix, cleanup or explain code and has shown his experience with HTML, CSS, JQuery and Javascript.
IMP Co Oct 20, 2016

Very helpful
Leyla Nur Gençaslan Oct 17, 2016

Super helpful,responsive and patient
Jfrevert Oct 14, 2016

I just had a great session with Yuri. He was able to advice on how to become better at coding by showing some of the great techniques and tools to work with.
helio Oct 14, 2016

Lots of great suggestions/approaches from Yuriy as always! Thank you!
Cecile Nguyen Oct 14, 2016

patient and helpful
Jfrevert Oct 14, 2016

Yuriy is great to work with! Very positive and knowledgeable. I asked him for help with ReactFire. He was generous spending some time understanding my problem, and then preparing himself offline. When we began the session, he was completely prepared. We were able to walk through the code for a sample todo app, and then re-work with just React + Firebase (and not ReactFire). That was helpful to understand what ReactFire does, as well as to understand what you need to do if you want to use ES6 (which doesn't support ReactFire). Finally, he patiently helped me deploy our sample code to my server, and then gave me helpful pointers about other aspects of my project (database rules, etc.) I would highly recommend with Yuriy!
Mike Weiksner Oct 13, 2016

Yuriy gave me a great description of exactly what was going on and how to work with the Promises/callbacks looking forward to working with him again.
Ryan Hartman Oct 10, 2016

Thank you again for showing me all sorts of neat tools and helping me work through my code.
Cecile Nguyen Oct 07, 2016

He was a great mentor. Explained the concepts very well. I will definitely use him again.
Jeremy Garza Oct 06, 2016

Thank you, Yuriy! This was my first session on CodeMentor and I had a great experience. I didn't know anything about .map but now I do! It was really helpful having you walk me through my code and explain how all the different pieces were talking to each other.
Cecile Nguyen Oct 06, 2016

Yuriy helped me our resolve jQuery conflicts on iOS devices extremely quickly. He kept it slow that I could fully understand everything throughout the process. I will definitely get help from him again if any similar issues arises.
Brian Kim Oct 05, 2016

Yuriy made himself available on short notice, was helpful in educating and assisting in fixing some buggy and poorly-written JS code. Would hire again.
IMP Co Oct 03, 2016

He will go above and beyond to help you with your task. A truly great mentor!
Jesse Ramon Brown Oct 03, 2016

He teaches Javascript in a way you can understand easily.
Steve Sagert Oct 02, 2016

I will recommend him for all your Javascript problems, he is the best on codementor
Steve Sagert Sep 29, 2016

Very professional !!!!! thanks :)
amir cohen Sep 29, 2016

He taught me GIT and Command line and i understand it very easy
Steve Sagert Sep 28, 2016

very helpful! totally recommended.
tam Sep 28, 2016

The only thing that might top his clarity in explanation might be his kindness :)
Jesse Ramon Brown Sep 27, 2016

Good. Everything was allright.
Adam Eisenreich Sep 23, 2016

This was my very first session and Yuriy made it an absolutely amazing experience. I will definitley be tapping into his expertise many times in the future. Thank you so much!!
Ruben Ruiz Sep 15, 2016

Really knowledgeable about CoffeeScript and BackBone. Very good problem solving logic and methodology. Also very nice guy to work with.
Matt Sep 15, 2016

Excellent mentor and communicator that has helped me to progress in my uni project. + + + Definitely recommend to anyone +++
Juan Felipe Ospina Sep 08, 2016

Great session
Sebastian Wagner Sep 05, 2016

Yuriy Linnyk is just an awesome programmer and human being. Thanks for all your help!
Srdjan Aug 29, 2016

Extremely organized and professional coder. Job well done!
Joel Wilson Aug 20, 2016

Amazing assistance, wonderful to work with
Jack Jack Aug 19, 2016

The best mentor I ever had.
Thomas Aug 17, 2016

Fantastic support, understood straight away my issue and explained it throughout. Would highly recommend.
Ben Belinis Aug 14, 2016

Great mentor ;)
Michael Aug 13, 2016

Great and patient guy.
Joseph Olaopa Aug 10, 2016

Another session with a great mentor!
Michael Jul 19, 2016

Appreciate working with him, very helpful, and commented in code while I was testing to confirm the issue was resolved.
Michael Groh Jul 19, 2016

Yurio helped me with flexbox issues and taught me techniques I wouldn't have known otherwise. I highly recommend him.
Jake Guss Jul 18, 2016

Yuryi was very helpful in explaining a more understandable and efficient process to how I was attacking a problem. I now feel comfortable to use this new strategy towards future challenges. Thanks Yuryi! :)
Luke Golden Jul 16, 2016

He has excellent English and knows his Javascript and Node.js very well. Took time to explain what the code meant and was patient as I explained things I know nothing about. He was very professional and I felt comfortable talking with him. Great experience.
Charles Stark Jul 15, 2016

Knowledgeable and informative every time!
Cleveland Brown Jul 12, 2016

wanted to pull my eyelashes out but Yurio saved the day
kenneth muiruri Jul 11, 2016

Yuriy was incredibly helpful and fixed the problem I had spent hours on in a matter of minutes! Highly recommended and I WILL be using him again if I run into any other javascript problems.
Scott Jul 10, 2016

Many thanks!! that was very fast ! sure I will come back when I need help in javascript
Shahaleel Jul 09, 2016

Very helpful and friendly. Spotted a seperate issue on the site so very helpful indeed
Nick Jul 07, 2016

Fast response and happy to help, can't ask for more
Robert Wilde Jul 05, 2016

Thanks very much!
Patrick Delz Jul 01, 2016

Once again, great job by Yuiry.
Dylan Gadwa Jun 30, 2016

My session with Yuiry was very productive. Although my requirements were pretty basic, he was fast and explained things very well. Good communication as well as technical skills. Recommended!
Dylan Gadwa Jun 24, 2016

Great mentor, helped me to solve the issues in few minutes!
Michael Jun 23, 2016

Great help again helping with callback functions, SQL query and general JS. Thank you.
Forcom Jun 18, 2016

Yuriy has once again proven his coding skills and professionalism through the fruitful completion of this offline help. Really appreciate his taking the time and initiative to also communicate and share educational pointers and resources along the way, including his helpful article on Backbone.js and one of his example apps on JSBin.
HK May 24, 2016

Brilliant! Will definitely use Yuriy again, many thanks.
Kevin Doherty May 17, 2016

Lin Z May 17, 2016

Had a very productive live session with Yuriy as a follow-through on my previous request. Yuriy is an excellent problem solver and a pleasure to learn from. Really appreciate his programming expertise especially in Javascript as well as his kind patience in explaining the difficult parts of the codes line by line, highlighting the important points as we went over it.
HK May 17, 2016

Yuriy helped me with setting up a node.js backend with mongoDB using express.js and mongoose; and went the extra mile in configuring the routes to link and render the app pages. He's very professional and efficient, able to get to the gist of things quickly. Very delighted with the work accomplished so far and will definitely consult him again in the near future.
HK May 14, 2016

Great quick solution
Aldert May 13, 2016

Very efficient and effective help yet again. Very clear explanation of solution. Great mentor.
Forcom May 09, 2016

Thanks Yuriy for teaching the basics of Browserify and helping tackle a new library!
Matthew Synge Apr 30, 2016

Yaaaaay! So many excess lines of code removed oh my gosh.
Michele McMillan Apr 10, 2016

Fantastic and prompt coder understand all the needs!
Anthony N La Rocca Mar 30, 2016

Quick, detailed and accurate help again. Thank you very much.
Forcom Mar 30, 2016

Very helpful, conscientious and knowledgable mentor. Will certainly use again.
Forcom Mar 29, 2016

Very helpful, clear and was able to point me in the right direction in no time. Many thanks
Forcom Mar 29, 2016

Straight to the point, very helpful! Thank you again.
Angel Riera Mar 25, 2016

Thank you Yuriy. For fixing my small problem. you were a great help!!
Enoch Leonard Mar 25, 2016

Yuriy was truly outstanding. He was extremely fast. We worked through many issues that I had struggled with in just one hour. At this point, I can't imagine starting a new feature without going straight to Yuriy first.
Aaron Henderson Mar 24, 2016

Excellent call with Yuriy - excellent content knowledge!!
Johann Muller Mar 22, 2016

Thank you for your help Yuriy!
jumala Mar 14, 2016

very cool lesson, looking forward to further lessons with Yuriy!
Manuel Penaloza Mar 09, 2016

Thank you very much for your help!
Nobuyuki Fujioka Mar 02, 2016

Yuriy is a great help to solve difficult coding problems.
Nobuyuki Fujioka Mar 01, 2016

Same as the last time, he was very helpful and I'm happy with the results
Alberto Jorge Serrano Peláez Feb 28, 2016

Excellent mentor!
Nobuyuki Fujioka Feb 26, 2016

Straight up awesome. Helped me solve my problem. Will definitely use again.
Austin Nwaukoni Feb 25, 2016

Showed me how to fix the issue right away.
Adam Feb 25, 2016

Yuriy is very patient to help me with Backbone.js and foundation of how to code in an orgainised way. Thank you!!
Nobuyuki Fujioka Feb 25, 2016

Yuriy is great. I learned the backbone js. Now I am going to practice more.
Nobuyuki Fujioka Feb 24, 2016

Excellent coder and mentor!!
Nobuyuki Fujioka Feb 24, 2016

Yuriy mentored me with Backbone.js.
Nobuyuki Fujioka Feb 23, 2016

Excellent mentor. I am learning Backbone.js from Yuriy.
Nobuyuki Fujioka Feb 23, 2016

great help, once again, thanks!
oscar caceres Feb 18, 2016

The best. Great at breaking things down, explaining concepts and different approaches.
N K Feb 18, 2016

I got very great help from Yuriy Linnyk. He is direct to the point and know his subject well. This is my first time on Codementor. I think I will leave other freelancer sites and stick to codementor.io .
Abdullah algurain Feb 18, 2016

Very helpful and very patient explaining things even for a beginner like me. He even paused the session in order to document himself on the issue and to do an example for me. Definitely coming back with him in times of need.
Alberto Jorge Serrano Peláez Feb 18, 2016

Yuriy had some great suggestions I hadn't thought of to troubleshoot, diagnose and ultimately resolve the issue I had. Thanks!
Reinard van der Leij Feb 17, 2016

As usual, Yuriy helped me solve my coding problems. Thank you!
Nobuyuki Fujioka Feb 17, 2016

Yuriy is a very experienced and knowledgeable coder! I was stuck with some issues for days. He showed me how to solve them quickly. Thank you very much!!
Nobuyuki Fujioka Feb 15, 2016

Great work!
Ryan Pederson Feb 12, 2016

Great mentor , very helpful
Sylvain Feb 11, 2016

Yuriy helped me solve my caching problem. I am very happy it is solved!
Nobuyuki Fujioka Feb 11, 2016

Yuriy is an excellent mentor! He supported me go through and understand some javascript code challenges. Without his advice, I would have taken much longer time to solve the challenges and without good understanding. Thank you very much!
Nobuyuki Fujioka Feb 10, 2016

Yuriy is a very patient teacher! Thank you for your help!
Nobuyuki Fujioka Feb 05, 2016

Very helpful!
Alex Everitt Feb 04, 2016

I learnt a lot about Regex today from Yuriy!
Nobuyuki Fujioka Feb 04, 2016

Very helpful mentor
Nobuyuki Fujioka Feb 04, 2016

Very helpful and offers a great insight into how everything works.
James Wright Jan 31, 2016

Great Mentor. Fixed my problem straight away!
Ian Jan 31, 2016

Yuriy is always very helpful. Excellent mentor!
Nobuyuki Fujioka Jan 29, 2016

He's awesome.
William Hodge Jan 28, 2016

Nobuyuki Fujioka Jan 28, 2016

Yuriy is fantastic! Highly recommended...
ryan pederson Jan 26, 2016

Awesome as always
ryan pederson Jan 26, 2016

Ryan Pederson Jan 25, 2016

Knows his stuff. Good my on the right track!
Josh Jan 24, 2016

Very helpful. provides detailed explanations to the problem.
Froi Nunez Jan 23, 2016

Yuriy is very patient to explain. Thank you!
Nobuyuki Fujioka Jan 22, 2016

Yuriy was able to help me find an error I was making in my handlebar.js templates! I was trying to conditionally render content. He's patient, easy going and I highly recommend him.
Clifford Jan 19, 2016

oscar caceres Jan 19, 2016

Incredibly good mentor!!! Knowledgeable, good prompt solutions and understood issue right away.
david Jan 17, 2016

A very patient an ultra skilled mentor. A ninja at work! 5stars!!
Tommaso Piccarreda Jan 17, 2016

Excellent guy, doesn't give up on you !!!
Rutvij Jan 17, 2016

Very helpful and honest. Definitely going to start a session if I have another problem.
Ivo van Beek Jan 08, 2016

Yura was great. I give him 10 out of 5. Very knowledgeable. I will be using him again.
William Hodge Jan 07, 2016

Yuriy is a true expert! I showed me how to solve my coding issue with my single page application development. Thank you very much!
Nobuyuki Fujioka Jan 06, 2016

Great teacher! Will work with him again!
Don Helm Jan 05, 2016

Yuriy was able to diagnose the problem quickly and explain my issue and the solution in simple terms. Definitely recommended!
James Jan 04, 2016

Good initial chat. Scheduling another session for sure.
William Lownsbrough Jan 03, 2016

Yuriy is a great teacher! He is very knowledgeable, and he explained to me new concepts.
Nobuyuki Fujioka Dec 29, 2015

Yuryi helped me understand what I did not understand. Very knowledgeable!
Nobuyuki Fujioka Dec 18, 2015

Yuriy was very patient, and tried to do the best he can to undesrtand my needs with my code.
André Oct 06, 2015

Thanks! Good as always!
Scott Oct 05, 2015

Helpful as always!!
Scott Sep 25, 2015

I needed javascript help and thought it would be a great idea to find a JS mentor. Really enjoy working with him! He takes the time to explain every little detail.
Scott Sep 22, 2015

Yuriy is always really helpful and straight to business! Thanks Yuriy
Jason Lord Sep 22, 2015

Explained what I needed to know in a concise and understandable way.
Ben DeLillo Sep 20, 2015

Yuriy was extremely helpful and quickly solved the issues I was having, while guiding me along the way. Thank you so much!
Steph Sep 18, 2015

Yuriy was incredibly helpful again and stuck with the problem untill it was fully solved! Will definitely use his assistance again!!
Jason Lord Sep 12, 2015

I spend 2 days on this problem and he gave me a crazy ureka moment. I am so happy right now
Robert Sep 04, 2015

Yuri was very helpful. He listened to my issues and gave me the feedback I needed.
Nathan Spears Aug 24, 2015

Great and fast help :)
Sajid Latif Aug 14, 2015

Japa Aug 12, 2015

Again Yuriy helped clear up some confusion in a very complex backbone app
Bemi Irone Aug 05, 2015

Fast, smart and really helped work through my issue!
Angelis Pseftis Aug 04, 2015

Yuriy is extremely knowledgeable. He helped by by logically breaking down a Large project, so it was easier to understand. I will be using him again.
Bemi Irone Aug 03, 2015

really good help, got to grips with the problem very quickly and knew exactly what he was doing!
Jason Lord Jul 30, 2015

Excellent mentor!
Jesus Bermudez Jul 15, 2015

Good English, and we were able to speak conceptually. Thanks
JC Nicolas Jul 13, 2015

Professional, patient and very nice. Highly recommend !!
lironic Jul 11, 2015

I had a first free session and it was a great experience.
Ed Brooks Jul 09, 2015

very helpful, let me work through the problems that I could handle.
don mclamb Jul 09, 2015