Top Senior Yui Developers - Dec 2017

Full Stack Web and Mobile Developer

Self-taught and passionate developer, I write mobile and web applications. I grew up with PHP, and now write a lot of Javascript (React, Angular, ...). Python is my second language, I absolutely love working with it. I also have experience in native mobile development.

A JavaScript Ninja and passionate tutor

I have deep understanding on front-end technologies. This involves HTML5, CSS2/3 and JavaScript with OOP. I am professionally a full stack developer expert on Java based frameworks. Open to solve and help with any front-end, java and design based problems.

Front-End Developer, Moodle Developer, SCORM Developer

I am an experienced front-end developer specializing in Moodle filters and themes and SCORM in Moodle. I have been working with the Moodle LMS for more than 10 years. I provide plugin development, theme development, SCORM development, and SCORM troubleshooting for Moodle. Over the last 10 years I've debugged hundreds of SCORM packages from more than 20 different authorware products. I know the market, and I know exactly where SCORM content can fail—and how—in the Moodle LMS.

Web developer - continuing to learn and try to help others develop their own things

Father, Web Developer, metal head /hardcore addicted, FC Porto supporter and Lego/Marvel/DC fanboy.

30 Years of Web Development to Share

Yes, I know that the "WWW" is only 26 years old as I type this, but my history of coding online software dates back to 1985 when I developed my first "door" in Pascal for the Remote Access BBS System. Since then I have worked with Perl, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, YUI, MySQL, WordPress and more. I am currently employed as a front end developer for one of the largest banks in the world, but I enjoy keeping my PHP and WordPress skills up to date on one of the more than 30 web sites I manage for myself, family, and friends.

Full Stack developer, M.Sc. Computer Science

Experienced programmer (M.Sc. Computer Science) living in Denmark. I have a full time job, but I am available for helping out.

Developed Yahoo! Finance and Homepage (PHP / NodeJS)

Hi there! I have over 15 years of full-stack software development experience. My areas of expertise is in PHP and NodeJS / Javascript. I am familiar with enterprise-level scale of development, working on various Yahoo properties. I also have knowledge of building apps front-to-back, from building and optimizing databases (SQL and noSQL), DNS maintenance to caching strategies for performance on the backend, whereas I've dealt with optimizing CSS and Javascript for multiple browsers and platforms on the frontend. I've used Express on NodeJS and have built apps in Symfony 1 and 2 in PHP.

Full Stack Developer

I love code. Eat, Sleep, Code, Repeat. I picked up my first language - Sinclair Basic - when I was 7, moved on to Pascal, Visual Basic, and C before I finished Highschool. Then I got online. I shifted focus and started delving in to HTML, Javascript, and Perl. PHP was re-released as more than just a library of scripts, CSS became this crazy new thing, and the web was exciting. The DotCom bubble was buiilding. New technologies were emerging. I was hooked. First as a freelancer, later as a full time developer for large companies, I worked as a web developer, primarily focused on PHP, but also working in Ruby, Python, C# and Java. Now, I feel I have reached a point where I can help others follow the same exciting journey I did.

Software Engineer

Full Stack developer with 4+ years of experience specializing in JavaScript. A very enthusiastic and process-oriented developer at every step. Passionate about Entrepreneurship and building new products.

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