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Yurii Rashkovskii

Yurii Rashkovskii

I can help with Java, JavaScript, pragmatic backend architectures, as well as Erlang/Elixir, Go, Docker and many other things.

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
Russian, Ukrainian, English
I am a software engineer and a startup entrepreneur with a broad range of interests and expertise. I've been using a variety of technologies over the past 20 years, both for commercial and open source work. I've released a number of open source packages, such as Eventsourcing for Java (eventsourcing.com), graphql-java-annotations, graphql-java-servlet, erlzmq2, and others. I've also contributed to many open source projects, most notably Elixir programming language.
Erlang expert help Erlang - 14 years experience
I've started using Erlang back in 2001 when I felt that messaging options available to me in the Java environment, are too complicated and unreliable. I've also contributed to Elixir core development around 2013 (still in top 5 contributors on GitHub)
No icon Elixir - 2 years experience
I've been an early core contributor to Elixir (still in top 5 contributors on GitHub) and have delivered a number of talks at international conferences. Prior to that, I've been using Erlang since 2001.
Go expert help Go - 2 years experience
Coming from the Erlang background, I found some interesting applications for Go's capabilities and developed a number of self-contained applications at different levels of maturity. While I still dislike a few things about Go (nothing is perfect!) it is a great tool for many problems.
No icon Bitcoin - 3 years experience
I've been involved in Bitcoin-related problems since 2012 and I've founded two startups in the space (Bex.io and Trustatom) as well as consulted clients on matters related to bitcoin and blockchain
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 15 years experience
I've been using JavaScript since very early in my software development career, dating back to early 2000s. I've used many frameworks, most notably jQuery, Angular.js and React.JS and a huge advocate for single page applications.
No icon Docker - 1 year experience
I have experience building Docker containers, using Docker API and building interesting applications like self-deploying self-contained applications.
No icon Web development - 20 years experience
I've been creating commercial web applications since 1998.
Reactjs expert help React - 2 years experience
I am the author of Reactuate, a React/Redux stack: https://github.com/reactuate/reactuate
Java expert help Java - 10 years experience
I've used Java back in the early 2000s, and came back again to use it when Java 8 was released and have developed some interesting projects in it since, including some open source: http://eventsourcing.com, https://github.com/yrashk/graphql-java-annotations
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Yurii is a fantastic Mentor. Extremely knowledgable and a pleasure to work with.
Juan Alvarez Apr 27, 2016

He was super great about explaining things, as well as troubleshooting, and answering my Qs in a way that made sense. Hope to work with him again.
sara ines calderon Apr 13, 2016

Great and very helpful. Code, advice, everything you'd want.
Mathew Abonyi Apr 06, 2016

Experienced and knew what to look for.
Josh Flayhart Apr 05, 2016

Yurii was great! Very clear and helpful in guiding me through my problem, as well as providing insight for future issues of the same nature.
Brian Deutsch Apr 05, 2016

Yurii Helped my understand the fundamentals on using ELixir with Riak.
Guillermo Ithier Jan 13, 2016

Yurii, helped me understand the HTTP logic layout and how it corresponds to the Cowboy Web server.
Guillermo Ithier Dec 16, 2015

Got me up and running in no time!
David Dec 11, 2015

Yurri helped me render JSON data in html using CojureScript. He explained the entire process very well.
Guillermo Ithier Dec 11, 2015

Yurii helped me understand the concepts behind Phoenix channels and websockets and clarified how they were used.
Guillermo Ithier Dec 07, 2015

Yurri was very knowledgeable in Phoenix Channels and help me clarify questions regarding web sockets.
Guillermo Ithier Dec 04, 2015

Yurri helped me with my understanding of RESTful API. He demonstrated deep understanding of its concepts and helped clarify many topics.
Guillermo Ithier Nov 25, 2015

Yurii explains many Elixir and Erlang concepts with clarity.
Guillermo Ithier Nov 20, 2015

Yuri was great and showed expertise in the Erlang language.
Guillermo Ithier Nov 08, 2015

Yurii provided me with a thorough understanding of gen servers and the use of ETS. He was great.
Guillermo Ithier Nov 01, 2015

Great mentor! I understand the material better now.
gladys maniago Oct 30, 2015

Great session with Yurri. He identified my problem right away. I had been stuck for days, and he helped me get unstuck very quickly. Highly recommended!
John Capogna Oct 02, 2015