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Yaakov Yisroel Kosbie

Yaakov Yisroel Kosbie

.NET and javascript Application Expert

Jerusalem (+02:00)
I'm very good at identifying and explaining the subtle differences that make your code work. I've been working in .NET flavored web application development since 2003. I've worked at all levels from application architecture down to the coding including testing, database / ORM design, debugging, integration, etc. I even teach at the local college for programming business line applications!
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 15 years experience
Javascript was my first love. Seriously. I started playing around with the language on my parents office computer when I was 12. I wrote my first lines of code in this language and I have always had a soft spot for it's unique approach to object management and coding style.
Sql expert help SQL - 10 years experience
Building and managing SQL databases as part of the business applications I develop.
No icon .NET - 12 years experience
I started in .NET when .NET started. Before that, I had been working with ASP (classic) and it was welcome change. .NET is an amazingly powerful platform, but that power comes with a lot of pitfalls. I understand what the .NET and MVC are doing behind the scenes to make everything work which makes problem solving much easier.
Kendo ui expert help Kendo UI - 4 years experience
No icon Visual basic .net - 12 years experience
VB.NET is my primary day to day programming language. Despite what you may have heard, VB.NET today is as powerful as any other major language. Moreover, because it runs on the .NET platform, it can do the same things C# can. Often, it's actually easier to accomplish in VB.NET than C#!