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Hi I'm Yad. I build all day everyday! I currently do applied research and development in the field of machine learning. My background is in computer science, I introduce myself to new folks as a fullstack, half stack, any stack needed engineer. I've been a tech lead in a small sized team till recently to build over a dozen of production level products. I'm currently running a Research and Development team for machine learning. For me, the harder the challenges are, the more exciting they're to be tackled.
No icon Machine learning - 2 years experience
I work as a researcher around machine learning. From research to modeling and building production level models / applications within machine learning.
Python expert help Python - 6 years experience
Python was the first programming language that I actually build things with. I used it back in college to build a text-engine. Python libraries and community is very strong, specially in terms of scientific work. In case of automation, scripting and machine learning nowadays as well. 1- I've used it in building scrapers using beautifulsoup. 2- Building web applications with Django. 3- Building APIs using Flask. 4- Building machine learning models using several available frameworks such as Keras and OpenDeep.
Ruby expert help Ruby - 5 years experience
I've been a rubyist for about 5 years now, aside of using Ruby with Ruby On Rails, I've used it for other different occasion such as automation and scripts that are better of with Ruby rather than Python.
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 5 years experience
I've been building big scale, small scale and any scale web applications with Ruby On Rails for quite a while now. I have built products like: 1- Analytic dashboard / administration app. 2- An Online School to serve as a MOOC. 3- Real-time messaging application. 4- A video Web API. 5- A community network application. It's not the answer to every web solution, but it's a pretty neat one most of the time.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 4 years experience
I've used Javascript almost all the time side by side with other languages for different scenarios. JS community have come a long way to achieve it's current status, so it's fun to work around it.
Node js expert help Node.js - 3 years experience
There is a big hype around every new technology in the market once it steps in, though I didn't regret taking on NodeJS when everyone was talking about it. Pretty neat way to manage traffic and turning applications to microservices over-time.
No icon Relational databases - 6 years experience
I've been working around RDBMS since early days of building web applications. Since then I've developed the "database guy" skills to customize queries, cache and clustering databases.
No icon Technical copywriting - 3 years experience
I've contributed to write documentations for some frameworks and I like writing technical posts that are geeky, but readable enough for someone not being too geeky.
Reactjs expert help React - 2 years experience
I love ReactJS, because focusing on building web components makes much more sense than just building an SPA and making the web development process much longer. It's had developed over the past year very well, which makes it a good candidate for production use.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 6 years experience
I've used different sorts of markup, though the most relevant of them all have been html.
Php expert help PHP - 6 years experience
PHP was one of the first scripting languages I picked up early on, I enjoyed developing with the language, though it has quite a number of pitfalls, hence I've slowed down in using it as the main language of development.
Devops expert help DevOps - 4 years experience
I've got a hang of developer operations on my own over time. It's a part of making maintainable and 24/7 online services. Having good traffic anomaly detection and error-handling could avoid a lot of issues with high traffic products.
No icon Amazon web services - 3 years experience
I've done infrastructure engineering before, though with AWS it's next level. I got the chance to work and connect several services and technologies pretty quickly over time.
No icon Nosql - 4 years experience
NoSql is a good way to deal with unstructured data. I usually use them when I'm building an MVP, or scraping data, or just something among those lines where it needs less structure but more persistence.
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Yad was great! Looking forward to chatting with him again.
Matt Lashinsky Mar 08, 2016

Yad was awesome!..our session today was great! He solved an issue i was having completely and explained it clearly. Thanks Yad!...again!
Justin Davidson Nov 28, 2015

Another great session! Clear explanations and quick troubleshooting. Thanks again Yad!
Justin Davidson Oct 17, 2015

Yad knows what he's talking about and he helped me with some tricky CS concepts. Thanks for your help.
Alfonso Hernandez Oct 14, 2015

Once again Yad has clearly and thoroughly explained how to implement a modern technique for me. He provides examples of code being used and then goes about implementing it in our project together. Yad is very knowledgable accross the board on many different topics. Thanks again!!
Justin Davidson Oct 10, 2015

Yad is amazing!! He is friendly, easy to chat with and extremely knowledgeable. The way Yad explains things is clear and easy to understand. He breaks down the problem or build and then sets about guiding you through the steps involved in fixing them. He is up to date on modern techniques and practices. I couldn't recommend Yad more! Generally just an all round good guy! :)
Justin Davidson Oct 04, 2015

He was awesome! I ran into issues with my code, I was desperate to get an assignment turned in. My audio wasn't working, but he managed to pull through and teach my what I did wrong, gave helpful tips, and taught me things I have not learned in my class. Thank you!!!
Lisa Sep 24, 2015

Hi my name is ziv I really enjoyed Yad he really spend his time explaining me the problems I really recommend him
steve chek Sep 21, 2015

Yad has the skills and patience to work through almost any problem. HIs dogged and relentless focus on a solution is akin to a Jedi knights mission to hit a small target on the death star while being hunted by the enemy. Me... in this scenario I was a wingman. I may not have been able to supply the skill but I was there the whole way navigating to a solution. For someone trying to learn to master a skill that's a perfect place to be.
Stephen Shooster Aug 23, 2015

Yad has a great attitude and the confidence behind it to make things happen.
Stephen Shooster Aug 20, 2015

Yad was very quick to diagnose my issue and super helpful. He makes things very clear and easy to understand. I'd recommend working with him and hope to do so again in the future! Thanks Yad!
Gvir Aviv Aug 14, 2015

An experienced developer that explains in a pace that everyone could understand. Showed me how to utilise jQuery plugins to create effects I needed. I would recommend Yad to anyone who needs help with HTML/CSS/Javascript, especially for beginners.
Mike Aug 02, 2015

Very helpful, will be an ongoing mentorship. Learned some quick tips and techniques that will help me in the future.
Joi Whitmore Jul 29, 2015

Very Knowledgable and super helpful! Helped me understand what I was missing
Manbir Jul 26, 2015

Great guidance and ideas that will be useful well beyond the specific issue I was having.
Pete Jul 26, 2015