Victor Kane, XML freelance programmerHire Now
Victor Kane4.9
Freelance XML developer in Villa Urquiza, Argentina

Seasoned Full Stack Web App Engineer & Architect. Lean Agile Project & Team Mentor.

More than ten years ago I led a development team in the creation of a newspaper publishing CMS in Java and using the now retired project. Article viewing was effectuated with XSLT.
Jimish Bhayani, senior XML developerHire Now
Jimish Bhayani5.0
Freelance XML developer in Hyderabad, India

A technocrat, working with Microsoft, a travel enthusiast, and your query solver ;)

I am very much familiar with XML structure and XSLT manipulation. I have worked with various XML libraries, XML parsing and almost everything related to XML. I have also done XML-JSON translation in very efficient way.
suresh atta , XML freelance coderHire Now
suresh atta 5.0
Freelance XML developer in Hyderabad, India

Sr Web and Java Developer by profession, your friend by nature. 1000+ sessions completed so far.

Dealt with XML data many times. Parsing, validating, data alignment etc are my areas to work with.
ASHWANI, XML developer for hireHire Now
Freelance XML developer in Delhi, India

Android Application & Game Developer

I am very much passionate about my work i love to create and design as well as code ideas . I am working in Application development more then 4 years . I love the combination of creative and logical problem-solving skills i get to use when writing code. And i love how there's always more to learn.
Michael Earls, top XML developerHire Now
Michael Earls5.0
Freelance XML developer in Montgomery, United States

Senior Creative Web/Mobile Developer and Designer

I have been using XML since it was introduced. At the time, most configuration information was stored in cr/lf delimited text files and was difficult to parse. Additionally, storing program data had to be done using custom binary formats that required the creation of custom binary format editors. It was all a big mess. I decided to replace program metadata storage (serialization) with XML files so that the program's metadata could be edited in a simple text editor. I also began to use XML to store program configuration data. I XML'd ALL THE THINGS!!!!
Helder da Rocha, XML software engineerHire Now
Helder da Rocha5.0
Freelance XML developer in São Paulo, Brazil

Seasoned Web, Java and XML teacher, writer and developer

I have used XML and related technologies since its inception and developed many projects using XPath, XSLT. I have also written tutorials and textbooks on XML, XSLT, XPath, SVG and XML Schema, which I used to teach XML related technologies in Brazilian companies.
Vincent, XML developer for hireHire Now
Freelance XML developer in Waterloo, Canada

Helping you achieve your programming goals

Lots of experience in professional sector.
AKINDE-PETERS Joseph, XML programmer and consultantHire Now
Freelance XML developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Android developer with 6+ apps!

Adequate knowledge to create Android layouts ranging from simple layouts to complex layouts
Chris Stump, XML freelance programmerHire Now
Chris Stump4.9
Freelance XML developer in Chicago, United States

Experienced Software Developer

I've parsed XML with Ruby and Java using both DOM and SAX. Believe it or not I like working with XML.
Sean Eby, freelance XML developerHire Now
Sean Eby5.0
Freelance XML developer in Des Plaines, United States

Software team & product builder

XML has been a format type and document structure for a large variety of projects of mine. It's a staple and even though I prefer to use JSON, XML crops up again and again in different places.
Jonathan Danylko, XML dev and freelancerHire Now
Jonathan Danylko
Freelance XML developer in Chicago, United States

Freelance Web Architect w/ 22 years of experience

I have worked with XML and XSLT at 3 companies including my current workplace. Since XML is a little bloated, I've moved on to a lighter payload for data transmission and am currently using JSON.
Kliment, XML developer for hireHire Now
Freelance XML developer in Jegunovce, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of

Passionate android developer

I've coding since my students days for about 6 years from which my last 3 years are professional. I'm currently finishing my master degree in computer science and i'm always trying to learn new things and share the knowledge. From my professional experience (i was working in small company and now i'm working in enterprise company) i can say one tip from me : "Keep it simple".
Austin, XML programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance XML developer in Shawnee, United States

Experience Software Architect with a passion for teaching

Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of XML. It's a good spec, but it often gets used for purposes it was never intended for. It happens that one of my own mentors was on the W3C committee that defined the XML spec, so I have some rare insights to how it was designed and the problems it was meant to solve. I can also help you deal with XML efficiently, even when it's not being used as intended.
Ehsan Zaery Moghaddam, XML coder and developerHire Now
Ehsan Zaery Moghaddam
Freelance XML developer in Copenhagen, Denmark

Senior Java/Web Developer

I used XML in many different ways, like modeling a communication protocol in integration points, structuring data or as a meta language to configure a tool/framework/library.
Eric Gravel, XML freelance programmerHire Now
Eric Gravel
Freelance XML developer in Vero Beach, United States
I went to college (in Canada) to obtain my obtain my degree in "Technologie des ordinateurs" (computer technology engineering) where I learn C/C++ and Java programming primarily. After college, I worked for Newbridge Networks Corp developing web applications in Cold Fusion. I then moved to Miami, in 2000, to continue working with Cold Fusion but as a consultant. I made the transition to Java web application development in 2001 when I went to work for Interval International (my current employer) as a programmer. I've since been promoted to programm/analyst, senior programmer/analyst, and more recently, application architect. The type of systems we develop at Interval International range from public facing membership servicing systems, to call center servicing system, financial syst...

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